How To Uninstall iObit Protected Folder Without A Password On Windows 7/8/10/11? Unlock Files/Folders With A Password

This tutorial will help you: How to uninstall Iobit Protected Folder without password on Windows 7/8/10/11? We will also teach you How to unlock files and folders locked by iObit Protected Folder without the password?

Is iObit Protected Folder Of Any Use?

It works like a charm for protecting your files from nontechnical people.

The program cannot prevent a computer-savvy intruder from accessing the data you wish to be protected.

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What Does iObit Protected Folder Do?

This folder locker software hides protected files and folders. Via Folder Option or Folder Explorer Option utility, It is not possible to unhide or make protected files and folders visible.

The master password is required to open iObit Protected Folder and access protected folders and files.

On the other hand, When you boot your copy of Windows into safe mode. Protected Folder by iObit loses its effectiveness.

You can open protected text files, audio files, videos and other data that have been protected with the iObit Protected Folder in Windows normal mode.

The protected data can be copied to a USB flash drive or memory card, but it will remain protected. Normal Windows mode will not allow you to access them.

Can I Uninstall iObit Protected Folder Without Password?

Windows Programs And Features utility can not uninstall iObit Protected Folder until you enter the correct password.

You can use a third-party software to uninstall iObit Protected Folder without entering the master password.

iObit Protected Folder uninstallation does not remove protection from files and folders that were stored in iObit Protected Folder.

You can use PFTool designed and provided by people at iObit to remove the protection. This tiny utility requires you boot your copy of Windows into safe mode.

Let’s get started with iObit Protected Folder uninstallation.

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Download Third-Party Software Uninstaller

There are many free and good software uninstallers available on the market. Popular names include Soft Organizer, iObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller.

We are going to use the free version of Revo Uninstaller.

Download Revo Uninstaller from here.

Install Revo Uninstaller after the download is complete.

How To Uninstall Protected Folder Without The Password?

Open up Revo Uninstaller after installation is complete.

Highlight Protected Folder and click Uninstall.

Skip making the restore point and click continue.

The Protected Folder uninstaller will show up asking for the password. Click cancel and get back to Revo Uninstaller.

Select Advanced scanning mode and click Scan for the next step.

Select all and click delete.

Click Yes.

Select all and click delete.

Click Yes to delete leftovers.

Some traces will be deleted after the next restart. Overall Protected Folder uninstallation is complete.

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How To Unhide Or Unlock Protected Files And Folders Without Master Password?

Download PFTools from here.

You now need to boot Windows into safe mode. We are using Windows 7 but the process of booting Windows 10 and Windows 8 into safe mode is pretty the same.

To boot Windows into safe mode, Go to the start menu and type in msconfig in the search box.

Open up msconfig from the search results.

Go to the boot tab.

Check mark Safe Mode with Minimal option and click OK to save the settings.

Now restart your PC to go into safe mode.

After booting into safe mode, Open up PFTool.

Password folder option is selected by default. Click OK.

Again open up PFTool.

Now choose the Protected Folder option from the drop-down menu and click OK.

The protection has now been removed. You can now open, edit or delete files and folders.

Final Words

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you were able to remove Protected Folder successfully and unlock your files and folders.

All points in this tutorial have been covered to the best of our abilities by the Soft Suggester team.

We will be glad to explain any point that we did not clear in this section. We will do our best to assist you.

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