JustCloud Review | Pricing | Is JustCloud Scam?

In today’s video, I will be introducing Justcloud to my respected subscribers and YouTubers and As well as I will be sharing What I’ve found good and bad in this storage and backup service after testing it. Justcloud is an online storage and backup service. JustCloud offers both free and paid online storage and backup service to its users.  Let’s begin with JustCloud pricing.

If you are impressed by JustCloud advertisements seducing you by the temptation of free and unlimited online storage then You are mistaken. It’s not totally true. Although JustCloud offers 1 GB of free online storage When you sign up for the first time as well as you can earn additional storage through various ways. But users figure out after signing up that officially JustCloud in not a free online storage service.

JustCloud Plans And Pricing

JustCloud.com offers 3 packages. Home package is available priced at $60 for 1 year and you get 75 GB online storage.

Premium contains 250 GB and the price tag for this package is $118 per year.

You get 1TB storage in Ultimate package by spending $167 per year.

The good thing in all packages is that you get a free 1 GB extra disk space each month as a bonus. 1 GB bonus space disk space for free accounts is subject to your loyalty. The bonus will be added to your free account every month automatically. If you keep using it to back up or upload your data to JustCloud.

Free users of JustCloud can earn additional disk space for free. You can ask your friends, colleagues and family members to create a free account or buy its premium subscription through your referral link to get or earn you disk space. You can also take advantage of your Facebook and Twitter accounts to earn free storage space by posting your referral link on.

All in all, Free account of JustCloud is not so bad. You can get more than 12 GB of online storage in 1 year  for free by utilizing all available options.

Creating an account is very easy. Write your name, email address and choose a password and click create an account. After having created your account, You don’t need to go through the confirmation process.

In addition to Microsoft Windows, To make backup and upload easier for its users, JustCloud offers to install a desktop software for Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu and apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.

JustCloud software lacks numerous must have features. As you might know that OneDrive and other desktop utilities integrate with Windows Explorer. Integration with Windows Explorer makes things easier. You can right click on any file or folder and immediately send upload add upload to Onedrive or any other online storage service. After having installed it on my laptop running Windows 8, I was expecting integration with Windows Explorer But I could not find such option in JustCloud desktop utility.

No limitations are imposed by JustCloud regarding upload and download. Upload and download speed is normal in both paid and free subscriptions. If you use a third party download manager such as internet download manager, You can resume any download.

Maximum file size you can backup or upload is 5GB in its paid packages, while In free account, You cannot backup or upload a file more than 1GB No matter How much disk space you have earned.

I also installed JustCloud on my Android phone and I found We can browse data in its app without leaving the app. But In JustCloud software, When you click on my files, It takes you JustCloud website. As well as You cannot preview, You will have to download.

Restoration is very easy to do. You can use JustCloud software or app to do so. I could not find any restoration option on its website. While testing it, I found a very useful feature for writers, designers and others called file versioning at JustCloud website. Using file versioning, You can download and restore previous versions of files. JustCloud keeps record of 7 days. In addition to this, Your data is encrypted using a strong AES – 256 bit encryption.

I found another very useful feature in JustCloud software which helps you save disk space. You can exclude unwanted file extensions to not be backed up.

There are numerous restrictions and disadvantages If you go for JustCloud free subscription. For example, You cannot enable automatic backup of video files.

You cannot upload a file or data more than 15 MB to Sync folder.

I don’t know How is the Justcloud customer support for others. But As far as my personal experience is concerned, I submitted a support ticket to JustCloud team and They responded after four hours. JustCloud live chat is no doubt very awesome. Customer support very quickly solve your problem. As well as I found the video tutorials on the JustCloud website for Windows and Mac OS users.

Final Words

I hope today’s video has been helpful and informative to my respected subscribers and others. If you know any thing good or bad about JustCloud, Please do share with me and others.

Stay tuned, Stay blessed, And please, do not forget to subscribe, share, like, and comment.


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