MacX MediaTrans Review – Backup iPhone Photos, Music/Videos – iTunes Alternative

We have become addicted to phones in a way We can’t live without and There are no two ways about it that Smart phones have become a necessity.

There is a very popular saying that Everything has a positive and negative side, Similarly, At the same time, a Smartphone has advantages and disadvantages.

You would agree with me that smart phones contain our secrets and confidential/private data such as emails and messages containing details about business and private matters and highly important thing is family videos and photos. Definitely no one wants to share these things with others.

Among many other disadvantages, You could become a victim of data and identity theft If Your phone gets stolen or lost and fall into wrong hands.

This is the reason, Cyber security experts strongly suggest not to keep these things in smartphone. Online or cloud storage services is a pretty handy option. But Most of smartphone users can’t afford monthly subscription charges. As well as These services can be hacked by cyber criminals.

Apple iCloud is a living example. Several times hackers proved cloud or online storage services can be hacked and even Apple iCloud, Apple’s products are considered hack-proof.

The only best and secure option left is backing up and storing the data on a PC.

Transferring data to a PC, is not that easy as it seems in iPhone and other Apple products.

To make all the procedure easy and secure Your data, We would like to suggest to use MacX MediaTrans to transfer, copy and move data between a PC and iPhone, iPad and iPod.


We will cover a few worth mentioning features of MacX MediaTrans in this review article.

MacX MediaTrans Review

Free Up Space Without Sacrificing Favorite Videos/Photos

You would agree with me that no matter how much disk space your phone has, It seems not enough to meet requirements of today’s tech world. Due to 4K videos, high resolution photos and other things, iPhone users often face running out of space problem.

With the help faster data transferring speed of MacX MediaTrans, You can free up disk space without having to delete videos, photos, apps, games and other things with ease.
Encrypt Your Data

With the help of MacX MediaTrans, Audio/videos, emails, messages and other data can be encrypted. It uses high-grade encryption technologies such as AES 256 and more to encrypt your data.

You can set a password to safeguard your data against any invaders. In case Phone or PC gets hacked or stolen or You lose your phone, Encrypted data can not decrypted without entering correct password.

Apple DRM Remover

There is another worth mentioning feature in it. MacX MediaTrans can be used as a digital rights management removal software.

You can remove Apple DRM from purchased and rental content. It helps you remove DRM from music, movies, TV shows and audio books. After DRM removal, You can play this content on Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android.

iTunes Alternative – Manage iPhone/iPod/iPad Without iTunes

MacX MediaTrans is a best piece of software for those Who are fed up with frequent crashes, hangs and other annoying problems in iTunes.

This iTunes alternative offers all the features You find in Apple iTunes. This is a best option If You want to manage your iOS devices without Apple iTunes.

Easy And Fast iPhone Backup Software

MacX MediaTrans can also be used an iPhone backup software. We often have to hard reset iOS devices and It wipes out all data. As well as iOS users loss data during system upgrade procedure. You can use MacX MediaTrans to backup your data to PC before hard reset and system upgrade.

Other Features

Video Manager to delete, rename and transfer videos between phone and Mac PC.

Music Manager to manage, delete, rename and transfer music between phone and Mac PC.

Photo Transfer

Final Words

Please Do share your reviews, If You’ve used MacX MediaTrans. What you found and bad in this alternative to iTunes?

You may use the comment section to share your reviews and ask questions about MacX MediaTrans. Precious suggestions are also welcomed.


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