How To Password Protect Microsoft Edge Chromium With A Chrome Password Protect Extension

In today’s article, You are going to learn How to password protect Microsoft Edge Chromium? We will be using a third party Chrome password extension to protect your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium with a password.



Benefits Of Locking Microsoft Edge Chromium With A Password?



Setting a password on Microsoft Edge Chromium will stop others from seeing What you do on the internet and add an extra layer of protection to your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.


We searched for Edge Store for password protection extensions, But We could not find any such extension. The Microsoft Edge Store features a very limited number of extensions.


As you might know that Microsoft Edge Chromium supports Google Chrome extensions and themes. Chrome Store has a plenty of extensions for password protection. We can use any of available trusted extension to make Microsoft Edge Chromium password protected.


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How To Enable Chrome Extension Support In Microsoft Edge Chromium?



To install Google Chrome extensions in Edge Chromium, The very first thing you need to do is, Turn on Allow extensions from other stores option, If this option is not already enabled.


To turn this option on, Click on the settings button with a horizontal ellipsis symbol.


Come down and click Extensions.


You’re going to find this option on left down side in Microsoft Edge Chromium.


To enable, Move the slide to the right If It’s not already enabled.


Click allow


Everything is now on the table and you’re good to go.



Install Chrome Password Protect Extension



Go to Chrome Web Store.


In the search bar, Type in LockPW free and hit enter. You may use any other password protection extensions If you know of.


Click add to Chrome to install in Microsoft Edge Chromium.


Click Add extension.


Extension is now installed and It’s ready for the next step. Click Next to choose a password and make other settings.



Choose A Password/Password Hint And Make Other Settings



Though you can make your preferred setting, But We would recommend to go with default settings.


Choose a password and password hint.


Click Save to finish configuration process.


Close and then re-launch your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium for the changes to take effect.


It will ask for password to access Edge Chromium.


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We hope You find this quick tutorial informative and useful. Please do share with us in the comment If you use or know about any other method or extensions to put a password on Edge Chromium.


We will add your suggested extensions or methods in this post.


The comment section can be used for precious suggestion, questions and feedback.



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