How To Make Windows 10 Start Menu Faster? 4 Proven Ways

Windows 10 is generally perceived to be the fastest and best ever version of Windows.

After using Windows 10, I came to the conclusion that in addition to other things, the start menu loads very slow, If you use a conventional hard disk drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) works much better and more smoothly than a conventional hard drive.

If your PC is outdated or has low system resources or you use a hard disk drive. In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you How you can turn some of its unnecessary features off to make the Windows 10 Start Menu a lot faster? Let’s get started.

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Disable Start Menu Animations

The Start menu works much faster when animations are turned off.

Actually, Windows 10 renders these animations before opening the start menu to make it look beautiful and this makes it somewhat sluggish.

But there is a downside of disabling these animations, It will disable all animations in Windows 10 once you do so. It damages the overall beauty of Windows 10.

Please remember this fact before attempting to disable Start menu animations.

What you have to do is go to settings if you don’t want them

Choose the “Ease of Access” option.
Now turn off the option of Play animations in Windows and you’re done.

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Disable web search in the Start menu

It’s a two in one thing to disable web search in the Start menu. It not only makes it faster, but it could be helping to preserve your privacy as well.

How it comes in handy? Actually, Whenever you start typing in the Start menu, Windows 10 triggers the same behavior as in Windows 8.1, so it launches the search feature and looks for information both online and offline as you type.

At the start menu, Whenever you start typing in the search box, Windows 10’s search feature looks for information offline and online, and in addition to offline search, search the web feature could a few seconds.

How does long it take to bring online results? it depends on the internet speed you use. I would like to suggest you turn the Search online option as well as the web results option off.

Click in the search box at the taskbar, a settings pane will appear. Now here you can turn search online and include web results feature off.

Choose Indexing Options

The indexing feature integrated into Windows 10 is turned on by default and automatically and constantly indexes all files and folders on your PC.

Whenever you instruct it to search for your desired file and folder, This search option looks on the entire hard drive and as well as online to find what you want.

This obviously takes time to find your results. In the Control Panel’s Indexing options, you can select which files and folders you want to be indexed.

To do so, Go to the control panel and open up indexing options to choose what you want to be indexed and which not.

Remove Live Tiles From The Start Menu

It is also helpful to remove live tiles from the Start menu in order to help Windows 10 load the start menu faster.

Right-click on a live tile and then click on unpin from start. Keep on removing live tiles until you remove all live tiles.

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Final Words

I hope the four methods above will help you speed up Windows 10’s start menu.

If you know of any other way to do so, then please let me and other Windows 10 users know. The comment section awaits your valuable comments.

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