How To Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 10 Using Transformation Pack?

This tutorial is for all those Windows 7 users who are accustomed to it but fed up with the aging and out of fashion look of Windows 7 and want to experience the look of Windows 10 without having to give up on Windows 7

There are numerous transformation packs available on the internet that make it possible for Windows 7 users to transform into Windows 10 and It does not require clean install Windows 10.

You can change the entire look of your copy of Windows 7 without having to install Windows 10. These Windows 10 transformation packs are available free of cost and can easily be downloaded and installed.

In addition, These transformation packs are safe to use and You can uninstall them whenever you change your mind. Windows 10 transformation pack.

Pay close attention to the installation process. You could install any toolbar, spyware, malware and other harmful stuff. Though it suggests You to change the default homepage in your web browser, But you can exclude it while installing it.

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Is Windows 10 Transformation Pack Safe?

No Guaranty , But as far as my personal experience is concerned, there is no harm in installing this transformation pack, but just to be on the safe side and avoid any potential inconvenience, creating a system restore point is highly recommended.

Create System Restore Point

So before proceeding any further, don’t forget to create a system restore point to go back, If anything goes wrong. Hopefully everything is now clear to you, Let’s start off with downloading.

Download/Install WinRar

We need to download and install WinRar or any other good file extraction tool to extract the transformation pack.

Click here to download WinRar.

After having downloaded, install WinRar.

Download Windows 10 Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Click here to download Windows 10 transformation pack.

Extract downloaded files If needed.

After having extracted. Begin installing it. Please save your work. The installation process will reboot your PC twice.

Upon trying to install it, You will be asked to reboot your PC. A restart is required. Click yes to restart your PC.

After restart, Again double click on transformation pack installer to kick start the transformation process.

Default settings are best. Don’t make any changes except set Windows X Live as default homepage option. It will change default homepage in all installed web browsers, If you don’t remove check mark from this option.

Click install.

Transformation process will take a while. So sit back and relax.

Click OK to restart.

Click agree to accept terms and conditions.

Click OK.

Give transformation pack some time to complete the transformation process.

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Congratulations, you’ve successfully transformed your copy of Windows 7 into Windows 10 without clean install and upgrading. You can go back to Windows 7 default look any time by uninstalling this transformation pack.

Final Words

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