How To Combine Multiple Videos Into One In Windows 11,10,7,8 With Joyoshare Video Joiner?

We will be sharing with you Joyoshare Video Joiner in this tutorial. We will show you How to use it to merge or join multiple video clips into one video file?

What Is Joyoshare Video Joiner?

Though Merging or joining multiple video clips into one video file is the basic ability of this software. But this utility is more than a video joiner software.

Though Joyoshare Video Joiner is a very basic type of software But It’s very useful for general use. It’s designed for the users of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. This is a paid program But Its free trial can be used with some limitations.

Download Joyoshare Video Joiner

Click here to download Joyoshare Video Joiner

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User Interface

It features a graphical user interface Which is truly user friendly for both experienced and inexperienced Windows users. There is nothing You need to discover.

Merge Multiple Video Files

This radio button on the lower left corner lets you import single or multiple video clips. You can only open videos with various videos and audio file formats. Though you can add images But You have no control over specifying time duration.

Click it to open or import video clips.

As You can see, We have imported two video clips to the timeline. There is a shortcoming in the timeline. Its timeline does not show you all imported video clips at the same time to easily make changes and preview the changes you’ve made.

To make changes to next imported video clip, You will have to press the next button.

Edit Videos

If You don’t want any changes, then simply press this icon to save imported video clips into a single video file.

If you want to make changes then You can use the trimmer to cut out any parts, adjust the resolution size, apply effects, add watermark, subtitle and background audio for each video clip.

If you look closely at each imported video, You will find a magic wand icon. Click magic wand icon to access editor.

After making changes, Click convert to save it to see the results.

What’s More?

In addition to a video joiner or merger, It can also be used as video converter and audio extractor program.

Video Converter

To convert a video into your favorite file format, All you need to do is click format button.

Choose your preferred video formats. Predefined conversion profiles make the conversion easier.

Click OK.

After choosing a video file format, Click convert to kick start the conversion process.

Audio Extractor/MP3 Converter

This useful piece of software can also be used as a tool to extract audio from a video and save as MP3 and other audio formats. The process is pretty same to video conversion. Import a video.

Click Format button.

Click on general audio.

You now need to choose MP3 or any other audio format.

Click OK to exit format menu.

Click convert button to extract audio from imported video.

Extraction is complete.

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Final Words

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