How To Merge Video Files On Windows 11/10 Without Any Additional Software?

In today’s tutorial, We will be teaching you How to merge two or multiple videos into one in Windows 11 and Windows 10 without video merger software?

We will use a Windows native app available for Windows 11 and Windows 10. In other words, This article is only for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users.

Windows Photos App (Available For Windows 11/Windows 10)

Windows Photos is a Windows native utility designed to help you join, trim, create slideshows and edit videos.

This is one of the best available options If you don’t like to use a third-party video editor or find it difficult to use a video editor and You still want to join multiple videos in one file.

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Before You get started, We would like to tell you the benefits and downsides of Windows Photos app.

What Windows Photos (Windows Video Editor) can do?

It can be used to merge multiple videos and photos.

This built in useful Windows 10/11 app can also be used as a slideshow maker. You can create stunning slideshows with photos and text.

Windows Photos lets you replace or add background audio. You can use the microphone to record audio and add to video.

In addition to joining or merging multiple videos and photos into single file, This app has a plenty of cool video editing features. You can put text, trim, split, control speed, use 3D effects, filters and apply other video effects.

Downsides of Windows Photos App (Windows Video Editor)

It would not be wrong to say that Windows Photos is designed for only personal or home use. This is a perfect app If you want to join or merge phone or camera videos and photos. We did not find it useful for advanced users.

Windows Photos doesn’t support MKV and other video formats. You cannot import nor export as MKV file format.

After merging, You have no control over video output format selection. It saves as MP4 only.

When your project is done, You can choose between 1080p, 720p and 540p resolutions for save or export. You don’t have control over bit rate, frame rate and other things.

How To Open Windows Photos App On Windows 11 Or Windows 10?

To open up Windows Photos, Go to start menu and type in Photos.

Click on Photos from search results.

Maximize to make video editor option visible.

Click on video project to open video editor.

How To Merge/Join/Combine Multiple Video Clips In One Video File?

To start a new project, Click on new video project.

You may give it a name, Otherwise click skip.

As you can see, The tool is wrapped in a clean and intuitive graphical user interface, You can add video clips in just a matter of clicks. You can import as many audio video clips and images as you want.

Click on add button to import or add audio video clips and pictures.

You have three options, In addition to local hard drive and collection, You can import photos from the internet. These pictures are legal to use with common creative license.

We are going to add a few videos from the computer.

After importing media, Check mark a file or multiple files.

Right click on any file and then click place in storyboard to merge or edit.

You can use mouse to change a video or image’s order or position.

If you like, You may use other video editing tools. You can trim and split a file. You can replace or add music or voice over. Title card, text, motion, 3D effects and cool filters can be used to make videos more beautiful.

We are going to merge added three clips. At the top right corner, Click finish to export or save in one file.

Choose your preferred resolution between 1080p, 720p and 540p. The higher resolution you choose, the more time It will take to render the video.

You don’t have control over frame rate, bitrate and other things. As well as This Windows 10 app saves videos as MP4. You can’t choose any other desired output video format.

After resolution selection, Click export to save the video.

Choose your preferred location to save the video.

Give it a name and click export.

Windows Photos app has successfully merged or joined three video clips in one video file.

Final Words

We hope You like today’s tutorial and you find it useful and informative. We would like to hear from you what you find bad and good in this Windows 10/11 app?

You may use the comment section to contact us If We could not explain any thing properly or missed anything.

The comment section can also be used for questions, suggestions and feedback.


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