How To Enable Metered Connection On Windows 11 To Save Data?

In today’s tutorial, We will show you, How to set the WiFi connection as the metered connection to save data, or stop Windows from downloading updates

We have used Windows 11 for this tutorial, You can follow this guide on Windows 10 as well.

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Why Would One Want To Make WiFi As Metered Connection?

Getting Windows updates is crucial. Windows update keeps your Windows-powered device errors-free, up to date with security and bug fixes automatically.

The list of Windows update’s Pros aside, Windows update has Cons as well. It kills your productivity. A Windows PC performs quite slow when Windows update downloads and installs updates in the background.

Windows update is the biggest deal-breaker for limited data internet users. Without your consent and knowledge, Windows update automatically uses the data to download and install updates.

Windows update also creates problems even for unlimited internet users. Windows Update causes slow browsing and downloading when it downloads updates.

To stop Windows update and avoid other problems, Make WiFi connection the metered connection. Windows will not download updates

By <making WiFi a metered connection, You can save the data, avoid slow browsing and give maximum download speed to downloads.

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How To Set WiFi As Metered Connection On Windows 11?

Go to the Start Menu and open up the Settings utility.
Navigate to Network And Internet
Go to the WiFi option.

Left-click on the Manage Known Networks option.

Click on the WiFi connection, you want to set as metered

Turn on the Metered Connection option.

WiFi connection is now metered and Windows will not download updates until you disable it.

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Final Words

We hope this quick tutorial has been useful and informative to you. You should let Windows get updates to avoid your copy of Windows from being sluggish and unusable.

Turn the metered connection option off, when you use the internet with no bandwidth or data limit.

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