How To Mirror Android To PC Windows 7 Without Rooting?

This guide will teach you How can you mirror, cast or project your Android phone’s screen to a Windows 7 powered PC?

Windows 10 adoption rate is very slow than expected and the reason is Windows 7. As Most of Microsoft Windows users don’t seem to give up on Windows 7. It is indeed very difficult for those who have grown comfortable with Windows 7.

Despite Windows 11 and 10’s availability, Windows 7 remains popular among veteran users hesitant to migrate or upgrade.

Undoubtedly, Windows 10 fulfills modern needs, including its native feature for mirroring Android screens to PCs. Using ‘Connect,’ you can effortlessly cast Android screens without additional apps.

In Windows 7, there’s no built-in screen mirroring option. Your only choice is third-party software, but many are either ineffective or overly complex.

After testing multiple screen casting tools, AirServer Universal stood out as user-friendly and efficient for projecting iOS, Android, and other devices to PC. While it’s a premium software, you can try its limited free trial.

Video Tutorial

System Requirements

Let’s start off with system requirements. Stop thinking to use this screen casting software If your phone does not support screen casting. In your phone, Screen casting’s name could be different like Mirrorshare, Cast screen, Screen mirroring etc.

Your PC must support AirPlay and GoogleCast functionality. It may not work on older computers. As well as your copy of Windows 7 may need Update for Universal C Runtime. You may watch my previous video on how to download and install this update.

Although It uses WiFi adopter but you don’t need internet connectivity and It does not require creating an account or registration. All you need to do is download and install AirServer Universal on your PC.

Download The Installer According To Your System Type 32 / 64Bit

Please don’t forget to download the installer according to your system type. For example, If you have 32 bit PC then download 32 bit installer and the same goes for 64bit computers. As well as install AirServer Universal App on your Android phone.

You may download from AirServer.Com

Install AirServer Universal on your PC and launch it.

I am using its free trial and I will click try. Please make sure WiFi is connected and turned on in PC and Android.

Click Finish.

Install Airserver Universal App On Android Phone/Tablet

You now need to install its app on your Android phone. But before doing this, Don’t forget to turn on Wireless display, Screen cast or whatever its name is in your phone.

Search for Airserver on Google Play store and install it.

You’re Ready To Go

After install the App, Open the App. If everything is configured correctly. The App will detect your PC. Tap on it to connect.

The connection is successfully established. Your phone is being cast, projected to your Windows 7 PC.

Final Words

Please do share your experience How have you found this screen mirroring software? What you found good and bad? You may use the comment section. As well as You may ask for help If you run into any problem. I will be trying to help you to solve your problems.

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