How To Mirror Android To PC Windows 7 With Audio? ApowerMirror Tutorial

This tutorial helps you mirror or cast Android phones, Tablet, TV and other Android powered devices to Windows. This video is specifically made for Windows 7 users. Given instructions can be followed for Windows 11, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well.

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Use Windows 10/11 Connect To Mirror To Android To PC

Windows 10 and 11 has a utility for screen mirroring or screen casting between Windows, Apple iOS, Android and other devices.

Does Windows 7 Have The Built-In Screen Mirroring Utility?

In Windows 7, There is no such built in option. The only option is to use third party screen mirroring programs.

Which Software Is Best For Screen Mirroring For Windows 7 PC?

We have tested 8 mirroring softwares and found ApowerMirror worthwhile. It works like a charm and is easy to setup and easy to use. Android and Apple powered devices can be mirrored via USB cable and WiFi.

In addition to mirroring from phone to PC. It also can be used to mirror from phone to phone, and from phone to PC.

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Does ApowerMirror Cost Money?

ApowerMirror is a premium screen mirroring software but You can still use it free of cost with a watermark and limited features.

ApowerMirror System Requirements For Screen Casting

Before We get started, Let’s take a bird’s eye view of system requirements for screen casting / screen mirroring.

You can use WiFi and USB cable to mirror to a PC. To use WiFi option for mirroring, There is a very crucial point you need to take into account while mirroring via WiFi.

Your phone and computer must be connected to the same network. No matter it is ethernet or wifi both options work.

Your Android device and Windows 7 powered computer must support Miracast functionality.

You can’t mirror to a Windows PC, If Android device is an old model or It doesn’t have mirroring functionality.

Check in Android setting to know if it supports or not. name for Screen mirroring option could be different in your brand such as Wireless display, screen mirroring, mirror share, cast screen etc.

Similarly, Give up on doing screen mirroring If you want to do it on an old computer. First of all, You can’t do it and If You manage to do it, then You may come across a plethora of speed and performance issues.

Watch Video Tutorial

Download/Install ApowerMirror

Download ApowerMirror from here

Install ApowerMirror on your computer.

After installation, Close all unnecessary things.

Does ApowerMirror Support USB And Wi-Fi?

If you want to control your Android device with mouse and keyboard then you will have to connect via USB cable. This is one-time requirement.

Next time, You don’t need to connect via USB cable, You can stream to the PC via WiFi with mouse and keyboard control.

How To Use ApowerMirror App To Mirror Android To Windows PC ?

After installing ApowerMirror on your computer, Now install ApowerMirror app on your Android device.

Open ApowerMirror app.

Tap on M icon to scan.

As you can see, After scanning, It shows the username of my PC.

Tap on the user name to mirror your Android device to the Windows powered PC.

Here You will find two options, You can use the first option to stream from phone to PC while second option can be used to mirror from phone to phone.

Tap on first option.

Tap on start now

It’s now mirroring from phone to Windows 7 PC.

Can I Mirror Android To Windows PC Along With Audio?

Mirroring softwares can not stream audio to Windows computers. We spent a whole week searching for a way to mirror Android’s internal audio to Windows computers But Could not find a software to do so.

How Do I Mirror Android To Windows PC Along With Audio?

There is a workaround through which You can stream Android’s internal audio to Windows. But This method only works in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It does not work for Windows 10.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can stream audio from Android to Windows PC via Bluetooth.

How To Stream Audio To Windows PC Over Bluetooth?

Turn on Bluetooth in Windows and Android device and make sure Bluetooth is visible to all nearby devices.

In Windows, Go to control panel.

Change Control panel view from category to large or small icons.

Now open devices and printers.

Click add a device to search for devices you wan to connect.

Select the device you want to connect and click next.

Match the code on Android device and Connect.

In Windows, Double click on connected Android device.

Click connect.

Android’s internal audio is now being streamed to your PC.

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Final Words

In this tutorial, Team Soft Suggester has tried its best to explain everything properly, But If you still run into any problem or have any question, Please do let us know using the comment section, Team Soft Suggester will try to solve your problems.

You may use the comment section to contact us for questions, precious suggestions and feedback.


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