How To Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 Basic User Interface Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is on how to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 to record computer screens, take screenshots, create and edit videos. To not bore you, I have decided to divide this tutorial into three parts.

I will be teaching all the tools of Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8.

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Let’s start off with download and installation. This flexible and powerful application is available priced at 60$ for personal and 120$ for Business use. Both subscriptions are for lifetime.

No monthly or annual subscription fee. As well as you can use its free trial for 7 days to test its features.

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System Requirements

I’ve installed it on Microsoft Windows 7 as well. If you have installed display drivers then Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 does not require any additional utility like .Net framework etc to work properly.

Just download the installer and install it without any fear. Its installer is free of malware, adware and other harmful things.

As far as system requirements are concerned. It requires average system resources, You don’t need to have a high end PC. Though minimum 2GB RAM is required for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10, I suggest you use it on a PC with 4GB RAM.

After install, You will find an easy to use launcher Window from which you can access all available tools. You can switch the interface between launcher and compact modes.

Settings cog, at the upper right hand corner can be used to switch the interface between launcher and compact modes, make your preferred settings and activate your copy.

The record Screen tool lets you record the entire or a custom area of your screen.

Clicking Edit video gets you into the video editor where you can edit recorded videos and create videos with images, videos, audio and text.

You can use the Repeat last recording option to begin recording with previous settings. You don’t need to re-select the capture area.

How To Take Screenshots?

You can use Take a screenshot tool to take an image of the data displayed on the screen of your computer.

You can access the image or screenshot editor to edit taken screenshots.

This button at the lower right hand corner is to switch to compact mode.

In settings, You can find the option to go back to launcher mode.

Final Words

I do hope that I have managed to well explain the user interface of Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 to you. Please do let me know If I could not explain anything properly using the comment section.

I will try to answer your questions as soon as I can.

In upcoming videos, I will be teaching you how to use Screen recorder,

Video editor, Screenshot and screenshot editor in Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8?



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