How To Move Files From C To D Or Anyother Drive On Windows 10/11/8/7 To Free Space/Clean Install Windows?

This guide will assist you. How can you move folders or files from C drive to D drive on Windows 11?

We are making this guide on a Windows 11-powered device. You can follow this tutorial for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, and Windows 7 as well. All the process is pretty much the same.

Difference Between System And User Data

On Drive C, Data is divided into two categories. System and user’s files and folders. Program files and Windows folders are system folders. Download, Pictures, Documents, Videos folder, and other folders contain user data.

Moving your files and folders from C drive to D drive is quite simple. But you will have to follow a procedure If you want to move installed software or apps to drive D or any other partition to create some free space on C drive. Additionally, This process takes time depending on the size.

Using the conventional way, Moving user data like Downloads, Documents and other folders makes no difference. But changes to the location of the Program files folder will cause all web browsers, games, media players, and other programs to stop working.

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What Is The Quick And Safe Way To Move Data From C To D Drive With A Single Click?

Moving your data is easy. All you need to do is copy your required files or folders and paste them into the D or any other partitions.

Your main data is found in the Users folder unless you deliberately store your data in Drive C. If you are in a rush and you don’t have time to decide which data is important and which can be deleted. Transfer or move the Users folder to D drive, or any other partition.

Go to the C drive and open the Users folder. Identify your username and copy that folder. As you can see, this is the username of this device. All we have to do is, Right-click on this folder and click on Show more options and click copy.

Now go to the D drive or another partition you wish to move the user folder to. Right-click and paste the copied folder.

Before the clean install, Do not forget to check through the C drive if you have stored any data. Move that data to another partition.

After copying is complete, You can go for a Windows clean installation.

Afterward, when you have time, To free disk space, you can delete folders or files from the Users folder you no longer need.

How To Move Or Change The Location Of Downloads/Documents And Other Folders Location?

The next step will help you gain free disk space in drive C.

Windows comes with an option allowing you to change the location of Desktop, Download, Documents, Pictures, and even all system folders located in your username folder.

Open the drive C and then go to the Users folder.

Open your username folder.

For demonstration purposes, We’ll change the location of the Download folder. Right-click on the Download folder and click Show more options.

Click on Properties.

Go to the Location tab.

Click on Move to change its location and move data to the D drive or any other partition. Select the drive of your choice and click Select Folder to begin the data transfer. It may take a while.

You can do the same with Documents, Pictures, and other folders to free space in drive C.

How To Move Program Files Folder Or Installed Games And Software To D Drive Or Other Partitions?

Moving installed programs to another partition can free up a lot of disk space on the C drive.

You need to have administrative privileges to transfer installed games and software. You should create a restore point. Although a restore point isn’t necessary. Windows restore point will help you go back If anything goes wrong. You can follow any YouTube tutorial to make a restore point.

To demonstrate all the process, We are going to move CCleaner to the D drive. Go to drive C.

Before you move your required software or game to another partition. It must be closed.

There will be two folders Program Files and Programs (x86) containing installed software and games. In short, Check both folders to find your required software or games.


You need these two commands to make changes.

robocopy “old location” “new location” /sec /move /e

mklink “old location” “new location” /j

Don’t forget to add a quotation mark before and after both locations.

CCleaner is found in Program Files. Open Program Files. Copy the location of the CCleaner from the address bar.

In case you don’t like Ccleaner – Best Free Software Like Ccleaner

We want to move C Cleaner to the D drive, and we need the location path of the drive D, Open the D drive, and create a new folder and name it C Cleaner, and Open it up

Copy the location path of newly created folder in the drive D, and get back to the notepad

Copy the location path of the newly created folder in the drive D and get back to the notepad.

Replace the new location with the copied location of drive D. Do the same with the second command.

How To Create A Junction For Transferred Programs Via CMD?

Go to the start menu and type CMD to search for the command prompt.

From the search results, right-click on the command prompt and click Run As Administrator.

Copy the first command and press Ctrl and V keys together to paste it in the command prompt and hit Enter. It may take a while depending on the size of software or games.

After this step, You need to create a junction. Copy the second command and press Ctrl and V keys together to paste it into the command prompt and hit Enter.

Try launching the software or game you have moved or transferred to the D drive. It should work.

Final Words

We hope this guide has been informative and easy to understand all the process for you. Hopefully, you have managed to transfer your data, software, or games to the D or any partition of your choice.

You can ask for assistance If we missed covering any crucial points. Use the comment section to leave your questions, suggestions, and feedback.


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