How To Fix MSVCP140 DLL Is Missing Error On Windows 11/7/10/8?

Today’s video will help you fix MSVCP140.dll is missing with ease. Though this short video has been made on a Windows 7 computer, but the instructions can be followed on Windows 10 and Windows 8 to fix this annoying error.
MSVCP140 is a Dll file which stands for Dynamic-link library. If this file is missing from Windows 7 and other Windows versions then This error does not let install programs require this Dll file. As well as you can’t use some programs if you manage to install.

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Often DLL File Or Installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package Does Not Work

Putting this file in a particular folder or installing Microsoft Visual C++ looks a straightforward solution to this problem But it does not work for everyone.

Guaranteed Working Solution

I was facing this error and I tried both options, but nothing worked. After some research, I found a very useful utility named Visual C++ Runtime Installer. This tiny utility saves you time and contains 18 C++ Runtimes packages from version 2005 to 2017. You can use it If above mentioned solutions don’t work.

Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer

Click here to download this free to use utility.

After download, Right click on the downloaded file and run it as administrator. Please close all programs, web browsers and other things.

Type Y.

This utility is installing all 18 packages. It may take 2 to 4 minutes.

All packages have been installed. Press any key to exit.

Now try to open, or install your desired programs. MSVCP140.DLL missing error should be gone,

Final Words

I do hope this short tutorial has managed to help you fix this annoying error. Use the comment section and do let me know If you run into any issue, I will try to help you out solve your problem.


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