Best Free Offline Word To PDF Converter Software To Convert Word To PDF In Windows 10/7/8

This tutorial will be teaching you, How to convert a word doc file to PDF? In addition to Windows 11, This tutorial is beneficial for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well.

We will share three methods to convert a word file to PDF format in this video.

Use Microsoft Office As Word File To PDF Converter

Simple yet effective solution is your copy of Microsoft Office itself. It is possible to convert a word doc file with Microsoft Office, If you have got Microsoft Office ranging from version 2010 to 2021.

To use Microsoft Office 2007 version as a PDF converter, You will need to install a plug-in in your copy of Microsoft Office 2007. Although Microsoft has removed the download page to download this plug in But It can still be downloaded from the internet.

Video Tutorial

How To Use Microsoft Office To Convert Word To PDF?

To save as or convert to PDF, Open up Microsoft Word. We’re using <Microsoft Office 2013 but all the process is pretty same for other latest versions.

Now open documents you want to convert to PDF.

You now need to go to file menu.

Click on Save as.

Click Computer.

Click on Browse.

Choose your desired location to save the converted copy.

Choose PDF from Save as type drop down menu.

If you don’t want to make any changes, then leave everything default and click save button to convert to PDF format.

Microsoft Office has successfully converted a word file to PDF.

Use Microsoft Office Alternatives To Convert Word To PDF

The next solution is specifically for those Who don’t own Microsoft Office and don’t want to use a pirated copy of Microsoft Office. There are many good yet free to use alternatives to Microsoft Office.

These Microsoft Office alternatives can be used to convert a word doc file to PDF format. We would suggest to use LibreOffice. This alternative is a free to use and open source office suite.

Download LibreOffice

Click here to download LibreOffice and then install this office suite.

How To Use LibreOffice As Word To PDF Converter

After LibreOffice installation, Go to start menu and search for LibreOffice writer.

Open up LibreOffice writer from search results.

Open your desired word doc file in LibreOffice.

Go to file menu and click Export option.

Choose PDF from Save as type menu drop down menu.

Choose your preferred location.

Click save to save as or convert to PDF file format.

Use Online Word To PDF Converters

If you’ve got a word doc and You’re in a hurry But still want to convert to PDF then There is a PDF conversion option for you.

There is a huge list of word PDF conversion websites available on the internet. These online word to PDF converters can be used free of cost.

Search for online word to PDF converter in Google or any other search engine. You may choose any website to convert from word to PDF file format.

We strongly recommend not to use online word to PDF conversion websites for sensitive documents like ID card, Passport, credit card statements and other things. Your personal and sensitive data can be compromised. Your data may fall into the wrong hands.

However, you could visit this website that provides you with the best online Word document to PDF converter to turn word files into PDF without distorting the layout of a document.

Final Words

Please do share in the comment section If You know about any other good method to convert a word doc file to PDF format. We will add your suggested method in this article.


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