6 Free And Best Online Animation Video Makers To Make Whiteboard Animation Videos

In the previous article, We had shared a list of 7 best desktop whiteboard animation software for Mac and Windows users.

Today We are going to share 6 best web or cloud-based whiteboard animation software.

Though this list contains paid web-based programs. But, except two, All added cloud-based softwares can be used for free with some limitations.

These added programs are not mere whiteboard animation software. You can use to create multimedia animated videos, presentations, explainers, promo, and other types of videos as well.

OK! Enough intro. Let’s get started.

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After testing and making a few videos, We are compelled to say that MySimpleShow truly deserves to top the list of the best web-based and desktop whiteboard animation softwares or services available out there.

We found MySimpleShow an easy to use and user-friendly online service. This online software offers artificial intelligence also known as AI and text-to-speech support.

Give it your written text script and It will add matching images to the videos. You can replace added images If You don’t find them of your choice.

The second worth-mentioning feature is also equivalent to artificial intelligence.

Its text-to-speech feature can transform any text to speech, or in other words, human voice to use in videos as voice overs. You can use one text-to-speech voice in the free subscription.

They offer a free subscription plan with a limited number of features. In the free plan, You have to bear a watermark

As well as You have to queue up for your videos. People at MySimpleShow make its free users wait for rendering videos for more than 10 minutes, or even more.

One of the other downsides is that Though Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, But you cannot download videos to the local computer.

The subscription plans are quite expensive. They charge $129 per month for Business and $499 Pro, per month.

More Info – MySimpleShow.com


Moovly.Com is one of the best online tools to create explainer videos, promo videos, video tutorials, or training videos.

Moovly.Com can create stunning videos and attention-grabbing presentations using a huge list of available templates or start from scratch with photos, videos, and audios.

It has the text to speech option to convert any text to speech to use in videos as voice overs.

Moovly can record microphone, computer or phone device screen, and webcam to use in videos.

Moovly has quite difficult to use interface. You might need plenty of time to master it.

Moovly bears a resemblance to a video editor. The user interface is a bit heavy for slow internet users and similar to a video editor.

In the free plan, You can create 2-minutes videos with a Moovly.Com watermark.

The free plan is offered with plenty of downsides. For example, You cannot download videos. You can only upload created videos to YouTube and Vimeo.

More Info – Moovly.Com


One of many other worth mentioning things about is that RenderForest.Com is an affordable web-based software.

It could be your best shot If you low on budget. But the downside is that they charge annually not monthly.

The user interface is lightweight and very easy to understand. You will not need much to master it.

It has a huge list of doodle, explainer whiteboard, and other cool multimedia templates.

There is another useful and time-saving ability of it. Choose a template of your choice and give it written text script and It will automatically create the video for you.

It can also be used to make intros and outros for YouTube videos

In addition to the free plan, They offer 4 premium plans, Lite for $7, Amateure for $10, Pro for 20$, and Agency for $50 per month But they charge annually.

In the free plan, You are allowed to create unlimited up to 1-minute videos with 360p resolution.

You can download videos with a watermark in the free plan. They offer 300MB of storage free forever.

More Info – RenderForest.Com


RawShorts is another artificial intelligence-powered web-based software to create promo, doodle, whiteboard, and multimedia animated videos.

One of its many worth mentioning things is that It can be used as a text to video converter. All you need to do is, Provide it any text and It will create a video for you with the help of artificial intelligence.

Even if you don’t want to copy-paste the text. Give it the article link, and It will automatically convert the written article to a video. This feature also converts text to speech and add to videos as a voice-over.

In addition to text to video converter, It offers a storyboard wizard feature, a huge list of templates, and scenes. It also has whiteboard animation templates in its collection.

As well as You can create videos from scratch with images, text, videos, and other things.

Besides, RawShorts offers a big collection of stock videos to use in your videos or edit according to your requirements.

RawShorts is not free to use, But you can use a 7 days free trial without a credit card to test its features. The free trial has some limitations. In the free trial, you can not start from scratch.

They offer two premium plans, BUSINESS for $59 and Essential for $39 per month but they bill annually.

More Info – RawShorts.Com


Back in the old days, When Videoscribe’s popularity was at its peak. Powtoon was a fierce rival to Videoscribe. You can call it one of the pioneers of this kind of softwares.

Powtoon is best known as an infographics maker. It’s widely used to make infographics to present information quickly and clearly.

This web-based software features a very lightweight interface, Which is quite easy to use for veteran and inexperienced users alike.

You are provided with edit and create modes. You can edit available templates and create mode lets you create new videos from scratch with images, text, videos, and other things.

Though It does not have a big list of templates, But available templates are cool.

As well as, It provides its users royalty-free sounds and stock videos to use in projects.

They offer free and premium subscription plans. In the free plan, You can create up to 3 minutes long videos with HD resolution and 100MB of storage.

Templates and other resources are categorized between free and pro. Free users cannot use things with the pro label in videos.

Powtoon is another expensive software. They Pro, Pro Plus, and Agency plans. They charge both monthly and annually. You are charged per month $89 for Pro and $197 per month for Pro plus, If you choose to pay monthly.

You have to pay per month $19 for Pro and $59 for Pro plus If you choose to pay annually. Agency is an annual plan with a price tag of $99.

More Info – Powtoon.Com


Vyond is a marvelous cloud-based animation software for all types of users and especially for newbie people. Though It’s not as feature-rich as previously mentioned cloud-based programs are, But Vyond, formerly known as GoAnimate, is a very popular web-based software.

Vyond features an easy to use, user friendly, and lightweight interface. The user interface resembles Videoscribe. You will not need much time to understand the interface If you have ever used VideoScribe.

Vyond has a big list of explainer, promo, whiteboard, doodle, and other types of templates. These templates can be customized, or edited according to your requirements.

In addition to available templates, You can create videos with images, text, shapes, characters, and other things. As well as It’s possible to add action and expressions to characters in videos.

They do not offer any free subscription plan. All you can do is use a 14 days free trial of Vyond without a credit card with a few limitations.

You can use all available templates and other things in the free trial. They do not allow you to upload to YouTube, download, or export videos made by you. As well as They delete videos after 18 months.

If you choose to pay monthly then It costs Essential for $49, Premium for $89, and Professional for $159.

They also offer annual subscription plans, Essential for $299, Premium for $649, and Professional for $999.

More Info – Vyond.com

Final Words

We are quite positive You find today’s compiled list and previous list useful and informative.

It’s possible that We have skipped adding any other good software to the list. Please do let us know in the comment section If you know about any other worth mentioning such software. We will edit the blog post and add your suggested software.

The comment section can also be used for questions, presious suggestions and feedback.


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