How To Install Paint.Net Plugins In Windows 10/Windows11?

This quick tutorial will teach you How to Install Plugins for Paint.Net? This guide is for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, as people behind Paint.Net have ended support for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7.

Ways To Install Paint.Net Plugins?

Paint.Net plugins are offered in two formats. Mostly you are provided with an installer file. All you need to do is extract and run the installer to install the plugin.

Sometimes plugin packs come in a zip archive and you have to manually, put required files in the plugin or effect folder. We will try to explain both ways to you.

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Where To Download Paint.Net Plugin Packs?

The best place to download Paint.Net plugin packs is Paint.Net forum. You may find the forum link in the video description box.

Install Winrar Or 7zip

If you don’t have installed, Install Winrar, 7zip, or any other zip extractor software. WinRAR and 7-Zip provide different setups for 32-bit and 64-bit computers, so you can install the right version for your system’s type.

Watch Video Tutorial, If You Don’t Like To Read Text

Important Thing Before Plugin Installation

Before you install a plugin pack, Install 7zip or Winrar and do not forget to close your copy of Paint.Net.

How To Install Paint.Net Plugins?

We’ve downloaded two plugins. The first one is an installer and the second one requires you to put files in the effects folder. Downloaded zip archives contain the installer. Extract the zip file and double click on the extracted file.

Choose items of your choice.

Checkmark, I’m running the store version If you’ve installed it from Microsoft Store.

Accept the terms and conditions.

Click on install everything to install all items and If you need one or more specific items, click on install selected to begin the installation.

The installation is complete and It’s now ready to use.

We have downloaded another plugin, Which does not have an installer. It requires manual installation.

Extract it.

Copy all files.

Right-click on Paint.Net shortcut and click on open file location.

Find the Effects folder and open it up.

Paste files you’ve copied earlier.

Plugin installation is complete, It’s ready to use in your projects.

Final Words

We hope this quick tutorial helps you easily install plugins in your copy of Paint.Net.

Do use the comment section to contact us, If We could not explain anything properly. Team Software Geek will try best to help you.

You may use the comment section for feedback, questions, and suggestions.


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