How To Password Protect A Zip File In Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7?

This guide will teach you How to password protect a Zip file on Windows 11?

The guide was created using a Windows 11 device. This guide can also be followed by users of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Windows 11, Windows 10, and other Windows versions can encrypt zip files and other types of data without any third-party file archiver utility.

The native encryption feature of Microsoft Windows is not recommended for non-techie users. The process is rather complex. Users who are experienced with Windows can understand and use it more effectively.

We recommend using 7zip, WinRar, or another archive program to password protect Zip, Rar files, and other types of data.

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It is relatively easy to use a third-party file archive utility to password protect Zip, Rar, and other files.

The use of a file archive program for securing Zip files has its downside. This is a perfect method for small-size files, But not for large files.

To add a password to a Zip file, file archive programs create a new copy of the file. If your Zip file is large, the process can take a long time.

You should take this fact into account before using this method to password protect zip files.

We’ll be using Winrar to password protect under the 100MB zip file. You may use 7zip or a similar tool to password protect zip files.

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Download WinRar

WinRar is a popular program that allows you to create and view archives in the RAR or ZIP formats. This software can unpack a wide range of archive files.

You can download WinRar from here.

Download WinRar according to your system type. To the system type, Right-click on the start menu and then open up the System app.

Here You can find system types details. As you can see this is a 64-Bit device and we need to download the WinRar 64-Bit version.

How To Use WinRar To Password Protect Zip, Rar, And Other Files?

After the download completes, install WinRar.

After WinRar installation, Right-click on a Zip file you want to password protect and hover your mouse cursor over the Open With menu.

Choose WinRar. If WinRar is not in the list, click on choose another app.

Click on Look for another app on this PC to locate WinRar, If you still don’t find WinRar in the list.

Open with WinRar.

Click on Tools and open the Convert Archives option.

Click on the Compression option.

You may change the archive file format If you like. We suggest choosing the Zip file format. You can open zip files on another PC without WinRar, 7zip, and other file archive software.

Choose Delete Files After Archiving to save disk space If the password-less zip file is of no use for you.

Open Set Password option.

Choose a password and click OK to save the password.

Click Yes to confirm to encrypt the converted archive.

Click on the Browse button If you want to change the location to save the zip file.

Click Save and then OK to kick start the process.

Use a folder lock software to password protect Zip files

If you are not planning to send zip files as email attachments or share them with others, use a folder locker software.

A folder lock program quickly provides password protection for Zip files. There is, however, a downside in that you cannot access protected files without that folder-protected software you used for password-protecting zip files.

We have a tutorial on, How to put a password on a file and folder with Anvi Folder Locker?

Final Words

We are quite confident that this guide has helped you password-protect Zip, Rar, and other files.

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