How To Play Minecraft On Windows 7/11/10/8 PC? Free Play Install Minecraft On Windows

We are going to teach you How to play Minecraft Java edition on Windows 7 and other Windows versions?

We have made this tutorial on a Windows 7 powered laptop. But all the process is pretty the same for the users of Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 8.

The Downside

The method We are going to share does not let you play Minecraft multiplayer. You can only play Minecraft in offline mode.

Before proceeding any further, Let’s have a look at the system requirements.

Minecraft Java Edition System Requirements

As far as older computers are concerned, Chances of success are higher If your desktop, Tablet PC, or laptop was made after 2010.

We have observed that If Your computer has a 1366×768 resolution size and can play GTA San Andreas without any lag and other issues Then definitely your device can Minecraft.

It’s a plus point If your computer or Laptop has a good graphic card. But It is not mandatory at all.

This game runs smoothly on machines with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and built-in models.

You just need to make sure that graphic drivers are installed and up to date.

Minecraft Java edition requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM. It needs 1GB of free disk space for installation.

Additional disk space will be required for Maps and other things. We would like to recommend to use SSD for better results.

Watch Video Tutorial To Install Minecraft

How Do You Get Minecraft For Free On Windows 7/10/8?

We will be using TLauncher to play Minecraft. This is the Java version of Minecraft.

To use TLauncher, You need to create a free account on the TLauncher website.

Click on Sign up and create an account.

Note down your account details, We’ll need it later.

Download Minecraft Java Edition For Windows PC

After account creation, Go back to the home page to download TLauncher desktop utility.

Download it for Windows.

After the download is complete, Install TLauncher.

It may take a while to check for updates, Java, and other additional components.

Click continue

Click on install to begin Java installation.

Java installation is complete and TLauncher is now ready to use.

Click on complete to open TLauncher.

Checkmark Accounts and then select configure accounts from the drop-down menu.

Tick mark the first option and type in your account details.

Click the back arrow to exit the account configuration menu.

Choose the version of your choice from the drop-down menu and click Install to begin the download and then installation.

Installation is complete and you can now play Minecraft. Click on enter the game to start.

Final Words

We do hope today’s tutorial has been informative and useful to you.

If we could not explain anything properly, You may contact us to ask for any help and info via the comment section. Team Soft Suggester / Software Geek will try to help you.

The comment section can also be used for questions, suggestions, and feedback.


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