How To Play PSP Games On Windows 11/10 PC With Joystick/Controller Play PSP Games?

In today’s tutorial, We will be teaching you How to play PSP games on Windows powered PC? We are making this tutorial on a Windows 10 laptop. But The given instructions can be followed for Windows 11, Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well.

System Requirement For Playing PSP On A Windows 11/10/8/7 PC

Let’s get started with system requirements. All the process does not require You buy and install any additional hardware. As well as You don’t need to have a high end PC with exceptional system resources.

Playing PSP games require 2GB of RAM and processor with average speed. We recommend 4GB of RAM for better results.

Do I Need A Graphics Card For Playing PSP Games On PC?

Having a graphics card is a plus point, But It’s not mandatory at all. Although Built-in GPUs can play most of the games without any lag and other issues. But some games do not perform well. You may face a plenty of problems.

Can I Play PSP Games On An Older Computer/Laptop?

As far as older computers are concerned, Chances of success are higher If your desktop, Tablet PC or laptop was made after 2010.

We tested Dell Latitude D830, which was first released in 2007, for playing PSP games. Though games perform slow But games are quite playable except Grand Theft Auto game series.

We have observed that If Your computer has 1366×768 resolution size and can play GTA San Andreas without any lag and other issues Then definitely your device can play PSP games.

What Is It Required To Play PSP Games On PC?

You need two things to play PSP games on a Windows PC. A Playstation Portable emulator and PSP ROMs.

Although there are a plenty of PSP emulators out there, But We would like to recommend to use PPSSPP. This emulator is free to use with open source license, and truly easy to set up. No complicated configuration is required.

How To Use Joystick On PPSSPP?

You can use the keyboard and Joystick or gamepad on PPSSPP. It is very easy to connect and use a keyboard and Joystick or gamepad on PPSSPP.

The keyboard works automatically, but you have to manually map the keys. Connect Joystick or gamepad to your PC and restart your copy of PPSSPP. We recommend using a wired joystick device. Wireless joystick sometimes does not work properly.

After restart PPSSPP, go to the settings and then open “Controls”

Click on Control mapping.

Click clear all to restore control mapping to default. Now choose the joystick’s keys of your choice.

That’s it. Now you can play games in PPSSPP with a Joystick.

Watch Video Tutorial

Download And Install PPSSP Emulator

Download and install PPSSP emulator. Please take a very crucial point into account while downloading.

Download the installer according to your system type. If the system type is 32bit then you need to download 32bit version. 32bit version will not work If system type of your device is 64bit. You will have to download and then install 64bit installer.

PPSSPP requires a few Windows components. You will have to install manually If required Windows components are missing in your copy of Windows.

PPSSPP Download Link

Download page is here

They have updated the download page. The installer now supports both 32 and 64 bit. Click on installer instead of a Zip file. Because You will need to install a Zip extractor software to extract the Zip file.

After download completes, Install PPSSPP emulator. This PSP emulator requires minimum 100MB of free disk space for itself and additional space for game roms. In short, The more free space you need, The more PSP ROMs you download to play in the emulator.

The installation is complete. We now need to have a PSP rom. PSP roms can be downloaded from the internet. There are a plethora of websites on the internet.

How To Install PSP Roms In PPSSPP Emulator?

By PSP ROMs download websites, PSP rooms are provided in two shapes, ISO image files and Zip files. If you have downloaded an ISO image file, Simply locate downloaded file and play.

But you will need to extract downloaded ROMs, If you have a Zip file. To extract a Zip file, You can use Winrar, 7zip or any other software.

We are going to use Winrar. Right click on downloaded zip file. Hover your mouse over Winrar menu and click on extract here.

You can now play the game.

Play PSP Games With Joystick (Wirelessly/USB Controller)

This easy to use and free PSP emulator also supports USB and wireless joystick or controller. Just plug in or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and start playing your favorite game. You don’t need mapping for joystick. But it is possible to define your favorite controller keys.

Final Words

We people at Soft Suggester/Simple Tutorials hope Game lovers find today’s article/video informative and useful.



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