How To Edit PSD Files In Paint.Net In Windows 10/Windows 8,8.1/Windows 7?

In today’s tutorial, You are going to learn How to edit PSD files in

We are using a Windows 10 powered machine. But all the process is pretty the same for the users of Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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Paint.Net is a handy software for image and photo editing. This freeware photo editing program is one of the best available free software like Adobe Photoshop.

Natively, Paint.Net can not open or edit and save your projects as a PSD file format.

You can make it possible with the help of a free to use plugin. After installing the PSD Plugin, You will be able to save and edit PSD files in your copy of Paint.Net.

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Install The Latest Version Of Paint.Net

Install the latest version of Paint.Net. This plugin will not work for Pain.Net version 3 or any other lower version.

Install Winrar/7Zip

Download and install Winrar or 7zip, If you don’t have installed any software to extract zip archives.

Download PSD Plugin

Click here to download PSD Plugin. This plugin can be used free of cost.

How To Install PSD Plugin In Paint.Net?

Please do not forget to close Paint.Net before the Plugin installation

After the download is complete, You now need to extract or put the downloaded file into File Types folder of Paint.Net.

To access this folder, Right-click on Paint.Net shortcut and then click on Open file location.

Here you will find your required folder, Double click on File Types folder to open it up.

Drag downloaded file and drop into File Types folder.

Right-click on it and extract it here. You may delete the zip file after extraction.

Now open Paint.Net and open a PSD file. It should show you PSD file type.

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Final Words

We hope You find this quick tutorial useful and It has been informative to you.


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