ChromeCast Alternative PTVdisplay DA02 Airplay WiFi Display Miracast TV Internet Dongle Review

ChromeCast Alternative PTVdisplay DA02 Airplay WiFi Display Miracast TV Internet Dongle Review

PTVdisplay is a truly handy gadget. It works like a magic wand and helps you get rid of cables. PTVdisplay DA02 is designed to mirror your PC or smartphone to TV or monitor with no cables. In addition to entertainment purposes, It would not be wrong to say that This is a must have gadget for presentation-givers and other professional purposes. You can also call it a cheap yet effective alternative to Chromecast.


I’ve bought PTVdisplay DA02 from Gearbest for 10$ and In today’s video, I will be sharing its performance and What is good and What does It lack?

What Is In The Box?

In the box, You will get USB dongle, USB power cable and English Manual.

This handy gadget uses WiFi to make connection between your PC, Smartphone and TV or Monitor. The good thing is that It does not require any WiFi antenna. It supports Miracast, Airplay and DLNA.

Miracast can be used to connect Android, Windows PC and Windows phones While Airplay and DLNA option is provided for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

It casts your phone and PC in 1080p resolution. It has a button through which you can switch between Miracast and Airplay / DLNA.

Don’t Buy It If

Before you buy it, Please don’t forget to confirm does your PC support Miracast or not? As well as Don’t waste your money If you have an older PC or laptop. As well as check your TV or monitor does It have HDMI port?

You can’t use it for older TV or monitors. Your TV or monitor must have an HDMI port. It needs power. They provide a power cable but no power adapter. I plugged USB power cable into USB port on TV and It turned on without any power adopter.

It supports 5 operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Although It does not require any third party app or software But They provide a software for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

In addition to these facts, It is designed for Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is not for you If you are a Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP user. PTVdisplay does not work on these older Windows editions.

I tested it on two laptops running Windows 10. I could not connect Dell Inspiron 3537 celeron while GOLE GOLE1 5 managed to connect via Windows 10 built in option Connect.

Third Party Screen Cast Software Can Be Used To Connect

Afterwards I downloaded a third party software called Air Parrot from the product page on Gearbest and installed it.

Air Parrot lets you use Airplay and DLNA option to connect even on Windows, which is used for Mac , iPhone and other Apple devices. I switched to Airplay and DLNA option, I was not expecting that It will succeed But surprisingly, AirParrot managed to connect my Dell laptop to PTVdisplay. But on the other hand, Airplay and DLNA mode disconnected WiFi and I was not able to use the internet.

The same thing applies to smartphones. Every phone does not support Miracast, DLNA or Airplay. Check your phone’s settings and look for an option called Cast screen, Mirror Share, Wireless display etc. Otherwise don’t buy this gadget It’s useless for you. I have an Android phone that does not support. I tried to use Apps But I could not connect.

Final Words

It works better for phones than PC. You can connect your smartphone with ease but when It comes to Windows 10 or Windows 8, You may face problems while connecting and as well as Mouse cursor lagging and freezing after connect.

You may face blurry, double colour or yellow tint issues If you have an older low-end phone. The more high-end system resources your phone has the more good results you will get. Here is an example.

Although It supports 1080p but I recommend to go for 720p.

Despite all shortcomings, I think this gadget is a best alternative to Google Chromecast for just 10$. I have been using it for a week and It’s working fine, No hang or crash so far.

I do hope You find this review useful and informative. Please do share your experience If you’ve used or using it. What you found good and bad in PTVdisplay? below in the comment section.



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