How To Record Microsoft Edge Chromium Screen➥How To Use Screencastify In Edge Chromium?

In this tutorial, Wr will teach you How to record screen on Microsoft Edge Chromium. We suggest you to read this artiicle till the end to avoid any inconvenience and time wasting.

We will use a screen recording extension instead of a desktop video recorder software. This guide is useful for the users of two of three supported operating systems. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS users can follow given instructions to record Edge Chromium tabs, any other web browsers, applications and even entire Windows.

We will use Screencastify, Which is a very famous Chrome screen recorder extension. Although Screencastify is not available on the Edge Add-ons store. But You can still use Screencastify in Edge Chromium.

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How To Configure Edge Chromium To Install Extensions From Chrome Web Store?

There is an option in Edge Chromium Which allows to install extensions from Chrome web store. To enable this option, Go to Edge Chromium settings.

Click on extensions.

At the lower left corner, You will find this option named Allow extensions from other stores. Please move the slide to the right to turn on or enable this option.

Click allow.

Your copy of Edge Chromium is now ready to install Chrome extensions from Chrome web store.

Is Screencastify Registration Required?

This extension requires you to connect your Google account. To use it, You will have to give Screencastify access to your Google drive account.

How To Install Screencastify In Edge Chromium?

Go to Chrome web store and sign into the Chrome web store using Gmail or Google account.

After sign in, Search for Screencastify by typing in the search bar. Here is direct Screencastify link.

Click add to Chrome to install Screencastify in Edge Chromium.

Click Add extension.

The extension is now installed and It’s ready for the next step. You will have to sign up via your Google account in order to use this screen recorder extension.

Can Screencastify Be Used Offline?

Though Screencastify can work offline. But It requires internet connectivity for account creation and a few other things.

How To Use Screencastify In Edge Chromium?

Next to address bar, Click on Screencastify icon.

A new tab will open. Though You may disable or enable Automatically save videos to Google Drive option. But enabling it is useful and recommended.

Click on Sign in with Google.

A new tab will again open. click sign in with Google.

A new Window will pop up asking to choose a Google account If you’ve multiple accounts.

Click Allow to give Screencastify access to your Google Drive account.

Check mark both options to set permissions If you want to record microphone, camera, drawing and annotations.

Click Next.

Click allow to let it make changes to Edge Chromium.

Click allow to let it use the microphone and camera.

Choose any of the listed options.

Choose your age group.

The installation process is complete. You can now use Screencastify to record screen.

Click on Screencastify icon.

Is Screencastify Free To Use?

As you can see We are using a free account. In which free users are allowed to record 5 minutes long videos. You can upgrade to the premium subscription to lift the limits. Its paid version offers a video editing tool as well.

Beneath this promotional message, There are three screen recording modes.

Browser tab option only records Edge chromium.

Desktop option can record entire computer screen. This mode has two sub screen recording options.

After clicking the record button, You will find options, Your entire screen records anything happening on your PC.

Application Window can record a specific software.

Both first two option can record browser and the entire screen with an internal or external camera. Third option only records webcam or camera.

Next to the microphone, There is a drop down menu through which You can switch between internal and external USB microphone.

You can disable and switch between internal and external webcam or camera from here.

From this menu, You can hide and show drawing and annotation tools during recordings and make other settings.

We think this is enough intro to the user interface of Screencastify. Let’s record.

Drawing and annotation tools will not show up on a blank tab and an offline page. This panel will not show up even on online websites If you begin recording on a blank tab.

As well as Drawing and annotation tools cannot be used in the desktop recording mode.

Drawing and annotation only work in Browser Tab and Webcam only recording modes.

For demonstration purposes, We’ll record Edge Chromium without a webcam.

At lower down corner, This panel lets you pause, resume and stop the recordings. You can use a pencil and eraser while recording. You can completely hide mouse cursor or highlight your clicks with a circle or a kind of halo effect.

After you stop recording, A new tab will open up with recorded video.

On the right side, Here you will find share to Google Classroom, Publish to YouTube and other sharing options.

From download options, First option lets you download recorded video without internet. Local copy of recorded video is provided with Webm video file format.

You need to be connected to the internet If you want to download recorded video in MP4 and other supported formats.

Screencastify uploads recorded videos to your Google Drive account for conversion and then gives you the download link.

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Final Words

We hope You like this tutorial and find it informative and useful.

You can ask Team Soft Suggester/Simple Tutorials for any help or explanation, If We have not covered any part of Screencastify in this tutorial. You can use the comment section for your questions.

The comment section can also be used for precious suggestions and feedback.


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