How To Turn Off Or Disable Website Notifications In Edge In Windows 11/10/7/8?

This quick tutorial will teach you How to turn off or remove website annoying notifications in Microsoft Edge.

Why Would One Want To Get Rid Of Site Notification?

Like Android and iOS notifications, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other modern web browsers support the Push notifications feature.

Doubtlessly, Push notification is a quite handy feature of smartphones and Tablet devices. But This feature often becomes a headache on a PC If you turn on browser notifications.

SuggestedHow To Turn Off Chrome Notifications?

Be ready to be bombarded with ads, If you have allowed notifications for websites with pirated and adult content.

No matter, You do it consent or by mistake. While using a web browser, You have to bear intrusive and adult ads. It never ends and You are continuously bombarded with obscene ads via push notifications after every 5 or 10 seconds.

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How To Remove Or Disable Notifications In Microsoft Edge?

You need to dig into Microsoft Edge settings to remove or disable notifications

Go to the Microsoft Edge Chromium menu by clicking on the three dots next to your profile picture.

Click on Settings. Microsoft Edge settings can be accessed by typing edge://settings/profiles into the address bar.

After getting into the settings, Search for Cookies and site permissions. You will find it on the left side. Click to get into this section.

Under the Cookies and site permissions section, click on Notifications.

In this section, You can find the list of websites you have turned notifications for.

Find the website you want to get rid of notifications. Simply block or remove

You can also completely disable this feature. But You must turn it on to get Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, and other notifications.

You can manually add websites to get notifications of.

If you don’t want to add additional websites to the notifications list, Turn on the Quiet notification requests option. You will not be asked to allow notifications.

Exit Microsoft Edge settings and now you will not get annoying or unwanted notifications.

If removing or disabling notifications does not work out for you, Scan Microsoft Edge with AdwCleaner. This free to use tiny utility cleans up Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and other web browsers from Adware, malware, and other harmful things.

Final Words

We are quite sure, This short tutorial helped you, get rid of annoying notifications with ease.

Ask us via the comment section, If We could not explain anything properly. Team Soft Suggester / Simple Tutorials will try best to help you resolve your problem.

The comment section can also be used for suggestions and feedback.


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