How To Root LD Player Emulator On Windows Without Any Additional Software?

Today’s tutorial is going to teach you How to enable root access in your copy of LDPlayer? This video tutorial is being recorded on a laptop running Windows 10, But the given instructions can be followed for Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well.

What is root permission?

Rooting Android has a massive list of benefits. It’s not possible without rooting your Android device to remove unwanted pre-installed apps and games.

There are hundreds of Android apps that you cannot install if your Android-powered device is not rooted.

There is another thing that is considered as a must-do thing among Android users. Custom Android ROMs are installed to increase processing speed of Android powered devices.

Custom ROMs also helps you change the feel and overall look. Your Android phone or other devices running Android will not let you install custom ROMs if You don’t enable root access in your Android device.

What Is LDPlayer?

LDPlayer is an easy to setup and very lightweight software to emulate Android on a Windows PC. LDPlayer is quite popular Android Emulator to use Android apps and play Android game on PC.

In addition to other handy features of LDPlayer, worth-mentioning ability is that this free to use Android Emulator has a built-in option that you can use to enable root access for your copy of LDPlayer.

LDPlayer does not require you use any additional tool to root your copy of LDPlayer.

Watch Video Tutorial

How To Root LDPlayer 4?

To enable root access, Go to settings.

Click on other settings. Find Root Permission option. Tickmark Enable to enable root access.

Restart your copy of LDPlayer to changes take effects or save the settings.

Download Root Checker Pro APK File

After restart, Use Root Checker Pro or any other good root checking app to verify that your copy of LDPlayer is rooted or not. You may download Root Checker Pro APK file from here.

Final Words

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