How To Install And Use Selfishnet On Windows 11?

This tutorial will show you how to manage and monitor your internet speed with help from Selfishnet.

This tutorial has specifically made for the users of Windows 11. The process is pretty the same for other Windows versions, but a few things are different for Windows 11.

Selfishnet Requirements

To use SelfishNet on Windows 11, You need to download three tiny utilities. Winrar, Selfishnet and WinPcap drivers.

Download WinRar

First of all Download from here and install Winrar. We need Winrar to extract Selfishnet program files.

Download WinPcap Drivers

After Winrar installation, You now need to install WinPcap drivers. SelfishNet will not work without WinPcap drivers. Download WinPcap drivers from here.

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Download Selfishnet

You can download Selfishnet from here

How To Install Selfishnet On Windows 11?

Now we will extract the program files of Selfishnet. If not yet downloaded, You can download it from the link given in the description box below.

Right click on the Selfishnet Rar file and click on Show More Options.

Hover the mouse cursor over the WinRAR drop-down menu and choose Extract here. With the ‘ extract files’ option, You can locate your preferred place to extract Selfishnet.

Open up the extracted folder of Selfishnet.

It requires administrative privileges. To permanently run Selfishnet as administrator, Right click on Selfishnet application and go to the properties.

Go to the compatibility tab.

Checkmark Run this program as an administrator option and click OK to save the settings.

Launch Selfishnet application.

How To Install/Enable .Net Framework 3.0 For Selfishnet?

Selfishnet requires .Net Framework 3.0. Setup will download and install required .Net Framework version If your copy of Windows 11 does not have this necessary component.

Click on Download and install this feature option to let it download and install. This process may take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the download speed.

.Net Framework installation is complete and Selfishnet is ready to use.

How To Use Selfishnet On Windows 11?

Open Selfishnet application.

Choose Wi-Fi adapter from the drop-down menu, If you have installed any Android Emulator or a virtualization software. If not, then click OK.

To scan to detect connected devices, click on the Network Discovery button.

Once the scan is complete, Activate it by clicking the Lightning sign icon.

To assign a specific amount of download and upload speed for a connected PC, Laptop or Phone user. Enter the desired amount and press Enter.

You can completely block any of connected devices by checking-mark this option.

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Final Words

Hopefully this quick tutorial for Windows 11 users has been useful and informative.

Selfishnet is not a permanent solution, Everything will go default, If you close Selfishnet or turn off your device.

If you could not understand any point, Contact us via the comment section, We will try to help you in the comment.

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