4 Free Best Skype Alternatives For PC ?

This list of top best list series is made for those Who are sick of Skype and looking for better alternatives to Skype. I have added 4 VOIP messaging services and all Skype alternatives are free to use.

Without a doubt, Skype has a huge user base. This most famous and free to use VOIP messenger is widely used for business and personal use. But this popularity does not mean that Skype is best. Despite the huge popularity, Skype has also shortcomings. There are many Who are sick of Skype and dislike this VOIP messenger.

Though, There are many reasons for disliking Skype But Its users have two primary reasons for replacing it to any other alternative.

Skype users don’t find chat and file sharing records after performing clean install Windows.

Most of the time Skype keeps crashing when you are busy in a very important audio or video call.

Well, Skype is not the sole option as there is a very famous saying that everything has an alternative and fortunately Skype has alternatives as well and even much better than Skype.

I know there are tons of apps like Skype for smartphone users such as Whatsapp, IMO and many others. But these available VOIP messaging services are either limited to Android and iOS users or don’t work properly on a desktop PC. This list is specifically compiled for desktop users, but these services can be used on Android and iOS as well.

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Google Chat

The first name that springs to my mind is Google Chat. You get everything in this free to use messaging service you may expect in Skype. We can also call it a browser-based VOIP messenger.

As Google Chat can be used without installing any software. As well as They offer an official Chrome extension, Android and iOS app to make audio and video calls. Group video chat is free and You can add up to 10 people.

All you need to have is a Google account to get started and You can even connect with non-Gmail users on Google Chat.

Google Chat users can also place calls to mobile or landline phone users in addition to non-Gmail users. The downside is that People behind Google Chat don’t offer a desktop client like you can install Skype desktop client.

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Line is best known for ease of use and availability for nearly all operating systems. This Skype alternative can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS powered devices like iPhone, iPad and even Windows phone. To create a Line account, You need to have a phone number where a verification code is sent.

In addition to video, voice calls, one-to-one video calls, paid and free animated stickers, voice messages and text messaging for groups, It has Group video chat feature and this handy feature is free and users can add groups of ten people.

You can easily convince your family members, colleagues and friends to switch from Skype to this free to use the VOIP messenger As Line is already one of the most famous messengers.

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Viber is another easy to use and feature rich alternative to Skype and It’s free. Basically This Skype alternative is designed for Android and iOS users. Although They now offer a desktop client, but You can’t create your account without your iOS or Android phone.

Desktop version of this free to use VOIP messenger can be used on a Windows, Mac and even on Linux powered PC. At the first glance, Viber,s desktop client reminds of Whatsapp web desktop client, But It’s much better than Whatsapp desktop client and offers full functionality with all VOIP features you find in Skype such as group chats, video calling, stickers, file sharing etc. It has another handy and worth mentioning feature through which you can move calls between your phone and PC.

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This nearly 3 decades old VOIP messenger is another great alternative to Skype. This classic messenger is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. People behind ICQ also offer a web version like Facebook messenger.

It offers everything you may expect in Skype such as voice and video calling, text chats, groups, etc. ICQ groups remind of chat rooms in Yahoo messenger. ICQ also has file sharing option and the maximum allowed file size is 4GB.

You need to have a number to create an account to use ICQ. It has a very tight security mechanism. Every time you sign into your account they send you a verification code. In other words, You can’t use it without your phone and your phone number is your password.

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Final Words

I hope my compiled list has been useful and informative for you. I would like to know your favorite VOIP messenger that can be used on desktop PC in addition to Android and iOS. You may use the comment section for your questions and suggestions. Please visit SoftFinds.com for download links and more info.


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