How To Fix The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed In Windows 7?

This tutorial will help you get rid of an annoying error The Windows Installer Service could not be Accessed. This tutorial is for Windows 7 users.

This error does not let Windows 7 users install new programs. As well as You will find yourself unable to uninstall a program If you’re facing this annoying error.

4 Ways To Fix Windows Installer Service Error

In my research, It only affects MSI installer. You can install or uninstall .EXE and other installer. There are four ways to fix this error in Windows 7. Let’s start off with the first option.

Video Tutorial

Enable Windows Installer Service

Go to Control panel.

And then open Administrative Tools.

Double click on Services to open it.

You now need to search for Windows installer.

Double click on Windows installer to modify.

Select Automatic from drop down menu If It is disabled. Click apply or Ok to changes take effect.

Click start button and try to install your desired software, It should fix the error. Let’s try Out the next option, if the problem still persists.

Windows Registry

Corrupt or missing keys in Registry Editor could cause this error. We can use a Registry script to fix Windows Installer Service error.

Download Registry Script To Fix

All you need to do is download Registry script. Click here to download required registry script.

After download, Open the downloaded and extract .REG file using WinRar or any other file archive utility.

After extraction, Double click to open.

Click yes.

Click yes to accept.

Click OK to close. Hopefully, This will fix the error.

Command Prompt

If the issue remains, then the next option is using command prompt. We can use CMD to Re-Register Windows Installer. Click start menu and search for CMD.

How To Re-Register Windows Installer Via CMD?

Open command prompt as administrator.

After opening the command prompt, You now need to type these commands one by one

Please restart your computer for the applied changes to take effect.

Windows Installer

If you are still facing this error and can’t install or uninstall a program then the last option is downloading and re-installing the latest version of Windows Installer. Installing the latest version of Windows Installer will fix the problem for sure.

Download/Install Windows Installer

For your convenience, the download link is here

Final Words

You may use the comment to ask any questions If you run into any problem. I will try to help you solve your problem.

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