How To Uninstall Malfunctioned Drivers On Windows 11/10/8/7?

Today’s tutorial will assist you: How to uninstall malfunctioned drivers on Windows 11?

We will demonstrate the entire process on Windows 11. You can follow this guide for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 for malfunctioning driver removal.

Why One Would Uninstall Device Drivers?

Your computer is a set of different devices and Microsoft Windows requires device drivers to make them functional.

Consider the case in which the Wi-Fi driver is not installed, outdated or malfunctioning, you cannot access the internet.

Windows Update is not a wise option for installing and updating device drivers. Manually download, install and update device drivers.

Most of the time device drivers downloaded, installed, or updated by Windows Update do not function properly.

You might not notice any issues in all devices, but you will see obvious problems in Graphics card, audio, and Bluetooth devices.

To fix malfunctioned device drivers, Completely uninstall and manually re-install required device drivers without the help of Windows Update.

In this tutorial, We have covered How can you manually download, install and update device drivers?

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How Do I Use Device Manager To Uninstall Malfunctioning Drivers?

Go to the start menu and search for Device Manager by typing in the search box.

Open the best match from the search results.

For demonstration purposes, We’ll uninstall the Bluetooth drivers. From the View menu, Switch to Devices by drivers.

Drop-down Bluetooth box.

Right-click on the Bluetooth device and click Uninstall Device.

If ”Attempt to remove the drivers for this device” message shows up, Checkmark this option, and click uninstall.

The Bluetooth driver has been uninstalled. After the next restart, You can manually install the Bluetooth driver.

You can uninstall a device driver using Device Manager. However, the Device Manager does not prove to be effective for uninstalling all device drivers.

Many Windows users have reported that the ”Attempt to remove the drivers for this device” option does not show up. Furthermore, The Device Manager is complicated to use.

Use Display Driver Uninstaller

The most common malfunctioning drivers affect graphics card and audio devices in 90 percent of cases. Use Display Driver Uninstaller If the Device Manager fails and you want to uninstall audio or graphics card drivers.

Display Driver Uninstaller is a free and portable utility. It only works for graphics card and audio driver removal.

Download Display Driver Uninstaller

You can download Display Driver Uninstaller from here.

How To Use Display Driver Uninstaller To Uninstall Malfunctioning Video/Audio Drivers?

After the download completes, Extract Display Driver Uninstaller.

Again you need to extract the main folder

After the extract is complete, Open the folder where files have been extracted.

It can uninstall drivers in Windows normal mode. Use it in Windows Safe Mode to more effectively uninstall graphics drivers.

Launch Display Driver Uninstaller. We are using it in Normal Mode to uninstall graphics card drivers for demonstrative purposes.

Select GPU. It will automatically detect the brand, If not, select the brand and click Clean And Restart. You may choose the do not restart option to not let it restart your device which is not recommended.

If you are in safe mode, restart to boot into Windows normal mode and reinstall graphics drivers.

Use Driver Booster To Uninstall Malfunctioned Drivers

If you wish to uninstall device drivers other than graphics card and audio drivers with ease, use third-party software.

An example is Driver Booster, which can uninstall drivers easily. It is available in both a free and a paid version. The free version, however, is sufficient to remove malfunctioning device drivers.

The free version contains advertisements and attempts to install additional programs that are not necessary. Installing unnecessary programs can be avoided by paying close attention during the installation process.

Download Iobit Driver Booster

You can download Iobit Driver Booster from here. You can find the link in the description to download Iobit Driver Booster.

How To Use Driver Booster To Remove Malfunctioning Device Drivers?

After downloading and installing, Launch Driver Booster and click on the Scan button.

Driver Booster also helps you identify faulty or malfunctioning device drivers. Right-click on the device you want to uninstall drivers for and click Uninstall.

Click Yes to confirm.

Driver Booster has successfully uninstalled the drivers. You can now manually install device drivers.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have managed to get rid of faulty or malfunctioning device drivers by following this tutorial.

Feel free to ask us for any help, If we could not cover any point in this tutorial. We will our best to help you.

The comment section can be used to leave queries, suggestions, and feedback.


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