How To Uninstall Your Phone App In Windows 11 Laptop And Windows 11 PC?

In this guide, We will show you How to uninstall Your Phone app in Windows 11? We are making this tutorial on a Windows 11 device. The process is pretty the same for Windows 10 users.

Can I Uninstall Your Phone App In Windows 11?

There is no official way to remove Your Phone app. It is not listed in the Programs And Features utility. Though Your Phone App shows up in Apps And Features. But it can not be uninstalled from there.

Use A Third-Party Software Uninstaller To Remove Your Phone App In Windows 11

We suggest using Soft Organizer to uninstall Your Phone app. This third-party software can be used free of cost for personal use.

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Download Soft Organizer

Download Soft Organizer from here.

Watch Video Tutorial

How To Use Soft Organizer To Completely Uninstall Your Phone App?

After the download completes, Install Soft Organizer. The installation is conventional, nothing harmful.

Launch Soft Organizer once the installation completes.

Scroll down until you find Universal Windows Apps. Expand the Universal Windows Apps section.

Locate Your Phone app. Highlight it and click Uninstall Application.

Click Yes

Click Finish. Soft Organizer has successfully uninstalled Your Phone. You can uninstall other Windows native apps you don’t need or like in the same way.

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Final Words

We hope you find this quick tutorial useful and informative. Hopefully, you have managed to get rid of Your Phone app.

If we have not managed to explain any point properly, you can use the comment section to ask for help. Team Soft Suggester will do its best to assist you.

Questions, suggestions, and feedback can also be left in the comment section.


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