How Do I Find Best Sound Drivers For Windows 7? Update Windows 7 Audio Drivers / Fix No Audio

In this tutorial, We are going to teach you How to update sound drivers in Windows 7? We will share safe and easy ways to help you download, install and update Windows 7 sound drivers

How Do I Find Best Sound Drivers For Windows 7?

The free and easiest way is, Download drivers from the official website of your brand and model.

Type your brand name and model number in Google and hit enter.

You can download updated drivers from the official website with ease.

Watch Video Tutorial If You Don’t Like Text

Use Driver Update Software For Best Sound Driver For Windows 7

If you find it difficult to choose which is the correct driver, You can use a driver updater software to automatically download, install, and update device drivers.

We would like to suggest to use iObit Driver Booster. The free version of iObit Driver Booster works great to install and update outdated device drivers.

You can download and install multiple drivers at once in the paid version of Driver Booster.

Please keep in mind, You need to be connected to the internet. iObit Driver Booster requires the internet to download drivers.

Download iObit Driver Booster

Click here to download iObit driver booster.

How To Install iObit Driver Booster To Install And Update Sound Drivers In Windows 7?

After the download is complete, Install Driver Booster. You need to be vigilant while Driver Booster installation. You could install unwanted programs.

Click on Run

Click install to begin the installation

Click no thanks

The installation is complete and Driver Booster is ready to use. Click on the Scan button to detect sound and other outdated device drivers.

How To Fix/Update Sound Drivers In Windows 7 Drivers?

The scan is complete, It will show the list of devices to update drivers of. Search for the sound card or any other device.

Next to the device of your choice, click on the update button.

Click OK

First It will download the updated device driver from its database and then automatically install the driver.

It may take a while depending on the size of the device driver

It has successfully updated the sound device driver. You now should not have any problem.

Final Words

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