5 Vandal Tips For Perfect Aim In Valorant Used By Pro Gamers

Valorant is mostly a shooting game. Perfect aiming skills can get you out of any complicated situations in this game. Operators are also an essential part of this game. So, you have to perfect your shooting skills with the best weapons and suitable operators.

In this guide, you will know the best five shooting tips that will help you perfect your aims. So, keep on reading.

 Vandal Tips For Perfect Aim In Valorant Used By Pro Gamers

Focus On Your Crosshair Settings

If you want to improve your aims in Valorant, the first thing you need to manage is the crosshair placement. You have to keep the crosshair at the center of the screen at the perfect height.

Your aim must be keeping the crosshair at such a position that you have to make the minimum changes to the focus whenever an enemy approaches you.

That is why pro players always suggest keeping the crosshair at the height of heads. You only have to adjust the horizontal distance for perfect aiming when you do so.

Positioning the crosshair at the right spot needs practice and patience. Most players do not focus on their crosshair position.

They either keep it aiming at the floor or pointing at the clouds. Your gaming gets enhanced when you keep the crosshair at the perfect angle. So bring the necessary changes into your playing style and see positive results.

Practice As Much As Possible

No one becomes a perfect shooter overnight. They practice for thousands of hours without losing their hope. As they say, practice makes one perfect.

So, if you want to shoot perfectly, always keep practicing with different guns. Moreover, Valorant gives you a wide range of options for weapons.

You should try the spread, strength, and range of each gun. Only then will you understand the most suitable gun for your play style.

You can also try different operators for different matches. The more you get familiar with the weapons and operators, the better grip you get on the game. For trying out different guns, you can use the trial version.

This will allow you to explore the options. So, maintain a good balance between the trial and competitive mode. But make sure that you are practicing your aims regularly. For more useful Valorant Hacks, check reliable online websites and explore new ideas.

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Try To Stay Still And Aim

Valorant has different game mechanics. You cannot use the previously learned shooting tactics here. For example, if you use hip firing or sprinting while moving, those skills will not help you in the map of Valorant.

You have to shoot perfectly to do the maximum damage.

First, pick a safe zone for aiming. Always stay still and take your time to focus on your enemy. A good headshot can kill an enemy. So, make your every shot count.

If you try to shoot hastily, you will only end up wasting your bullets and making your position detectable to your enemies. So, make your hands steadier and shoot with perfection.

Find The Best Crosshair

Choosing the most suitable crosshair that matches your play style is essential. Most players do not think much before selecting the crosshair. You should pick a crosshair that reduces the spread of your weapons.

Moreover, it should have a unique and bright color that stands out against Valorant maps’ backdrop. Thus, you can easily detect the crosshair at the time of emergency without any difficulty.

Perfect crosshairs also help you to fire an accurate headshot without flickering much. When you pick the best crosshair and adjust it accordingly, you see improvements in your game.

It should look small, simple, consistent, and non-distracting. Choosing a static crosshair over dynamic ones will also offer you a better shooting experience.

Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity

Valorant is a slow-paced game. So, you need to adjust the mouse sensitivity to match this game. Pro players always use a lower sensitivity mouse. They can keep a better grip on your weapons and shooting.

You can also check the settings used by pro players and copy their ideas. But everyone has a different comfort zone, so setting the mouse sensitivity according to your preference will be helpful.

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Final Words

Aiming perfectly is one of the most important aspects of Valorant. If you are not good at aiming, this game will disappoint you. So, you have to take every possible step to improve your shooting skills.

These five tips will help you practice shooting the right way. You can also watch live videos of pro players to adapt to new shooting tactics. So, keep playing and do not forget to enjoy.


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