Videoscribe Alternatives | 3 Video Scribe Software Cheaper Than Sparkol Videoscribe

VideoScribe is doubtlessly a finest and easy to use piece of software to create stunning animated whiteboard videos in no time. You don’t need to hire someone to create whiteboard videos and wait for several days. And even If you go for Sparkol VideoScribe, You can create animated whiteboard videos on your own in a few minutes.

Sparkol VideoScribe is best known for saving precious time of internet and video marketers, teachers and all those who prefer to use animated whiteboard video presentations to convey their message to a potential audience.

Despite this fact, Videoscribe is one of the most expensive programs in today’s digital world. Videoscribe is available priced at $198 per year for a single license. To be honest, Videoscribe is worth for this hefty amount of money and it really pays you off.

But on the other hand, Everyone cannot afford to pay $665 for every single year. This is why, Many of Videoscribe’s aficionados look for alternatives to Sparkol  Videoscribe or similar animated video software to Videoscribe.

Taking this into consideration and to put an end to your search, I have compiled a list of three available Sparkol Videoscribe alternatives. After some research, I could find only these alternatives to Videoscribe to create animated whiteboard videos.

These alternatives are not free though, But a whole cheaper and affordable than Videoscribe. Let’s go through this list of cheaper and affordable alternatives to Videoscribe.

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Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator is one of my personal favorite alternatives to Videoscribe with an easy to use and feature rich interface. Explaindio Video Creator is available to create attention-grabbing whiteboard animation videos for two most used and mainstream operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac.

The best thing about the Explaindio Video Creator is that Unlike monthly and yearly subscriptions of Videoscribe, Explaindio Video Creator is available at one-time purchase price and then you can keep using it forever.

In addition to creating stunning animated whiteboard videos, You will find the Explaindio Video Creator a cool presentation software to create multimedia presentations.

Explaindio Video Creator comes packed with tons of simple and animation presentation templates. Explaindio Video Creator is available priced at $47 for a single license.

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is another cheaper alternative to Sparkol Videoscribe. Easy Sketch Pro is very easy to use and user friendly though, But it’s not much feature rich as Videoscribe and Explaindio Video Creator are. Easy Sketch Pro supports Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This one of the best whiteboard animation software lets you add audio, images and text to animated whiteboard videos.

One of the big downsides of Easy Sketch Pro is that there are only 6 hand or pen templates available than the Explaindio Video Creator and Videoscribe.

Easy Sketch Pro is normally available priced at $29 for a single license.

Video Maker FX

We cannot say about Video Maker FX that Video Maker FX is a full-time Sparkol Videoscribe alternative to create whiteboard animation videos, But there are a few templates in Video Maker FX exist that look alike Sparkol Videoscribe.

But on the other hand, Video Maker FX is best known for creating cool presentations and videos in no time. Video Maker FX is available for Mac and Microsoft Windows users and normally available priced at $67 for a single license.

Final Words

I hope you found this list of 3 video scribing software useful and this list will help you choose a better Videoscribe alternative. If you know about or use any other good alternative to Sparkol Videoscribe, then please do share with me using the comment section.

Stay blessed and stay tuned.


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