VideoScribe Vs Explaindio Video Creator Review -VideoScribe Alternative Cheaper Yet Powerful

This Explaindio Video Creator vs Sparkol Videoscribe comparison article will help you figure out Explaindio Video Creator is better or Videoscribe

It would be no exaggeration to say that, for several years, Videoscribe sole reigned on the industry of Whiteboard animation maker software.

It is no exaggeration to say that There was no option, to choose from for the internet, video marketers, teachers, and all those who prefer to use animated whiteboard video presentations to convey their message to their potential audience.

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A few years ago, There was no noteworthy competitor for Videoscribe. But The situation now has changed.

In addition to many others, Sparkol Videoscribe has got a strong and splendid rival.

It’s Explaindio Video Creator, with impressive Whiteboard animation features. Explaindio Video Creator was first released in November 2014.

It would not be wrong to say that the Explaindio Video Creator has surpassed Sparkol Videoscribe.

In this Explaindio Video Creator vs Sparkol Videoscribe review, or comparison article, I will be trying to cover every feature of both Whiteboard animation maker software So you can figure out Whether is Explaindio Video Creator worthier using or not?

At the time of writing this article, I am using the latest version of Explaindio Video Creator Pro and Videoscribe.

It’s possible, If you have an older version of Videoscribe and Explaindio Video Creator, Some things may be new to you.

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Which One Is Easy To Use?

The user-interface of both applications, seems quite easy to operate at first glance. You need at least a weak to master.

In Videoscribe, I found it very easy to set my preferred time-span or frame rate. You can do it swiftly by writing a particular number of seconds in Videoscribe.

While it is not easy to set a particular time-span or frame rate in the Explaindio Video Creator, It wasted lots of my time while testing it.

There is another shortcoming in the Explaindio Video Creator, As you can set an unlimited amount of time span per slide in Videoscribe.

While testing the Explaindio Video Creator, I found there is a limit in the Explaindio Video Creator.

In Explaindio Video Creator, Maximum frame rate limit or time span is 20 seconds per slide.

Can Explaindio Video Creator And Videoscribe Create Animated Videos?

Videoscribe doubtlessly is great at creating whiteboard animation videos with an easy to use and truly user friendly interface. But you can only create sketch-based whiteboard animation videos.

Import an image to Videoscribe and it sketches added images.

You will have to use another desktop or online software to create colored animated presentations and animated explainer videos.

But Explaindio Video Creator is all in one piece of software through which you can create whiteboard animation videos.

In addition to creating whiteboard animated videos, You can also use Explaindio animated slides and Flash animated slides that can be edited as per your requirements.

In the near past, You needed to have an image with SVG file format to create a whiteboard animated video.

But now, in both Explaindio Video Creator and Videoscribe, You can use any image format to create a whiteboard animation video like PNG, JPG, Gif, and other file formats in addition to SVG file format.

Tip: You can convert any image format to SVG file format using a free to use yet professional quality vector graphics software named Inkscape.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on How to use Inkscape.

If you find it difficult to use Inkscape, You can also use free to use online SVG converters

I put both applications to a test and imported JPG and PNG images with average and 4K resolutions.

I found both are not good, take too long to load and the result is not satisfactory as well.

SVG is the only one that works great.

Do Videoscribe And Explaindio Video Creator Support Transition / Movements?

In Videoscribe is a little bit hard to apply transitions and movements and even I must say there is no such dedicated option at your disposal in Videoscribe.

In old Explaindio Video Creator versions, There was no option to apply transitions and movements to videos.

But Explaindio Video Creator Pro version 2 or higher has a dedicated option to apply transitions and movements Which I found very easy to operate.

Can I Use Videos In Videoscribe And Explaindio Video Creator?

You cannot import videos into Videoscribe.

I wonder Why Videoscribe does not yet have a feature to import a video to put a whiteboard animation effect on.

But Explaindio Video Creator lets you use videos in your projects.

In Explaindio Video Creator, You can set a video or image as a background object, and afterward, you can put a whiteboard animation effect.

This feature is no less than a magic wand, You can create stunning titles, intro videos, and business presentations in no time, with ease, and for free, without having to use expensive video editors.

It all depends on your resourcefulness and creativity.

Explaindio Video Creator comes with a big list of royalty-free video footage and photos.

People at Explaindio also offer a subscription plan, In which You are provided with additional royalty-free video footages, images, animated slides, and other resources.

If you don’t like to buy, You can find thousands of royalty-free video footages and images on the internet.

Explained Video Creator is an ideal software for those who sell videos on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms.

Do VideoScribe And Explaindio Support Green Screen Videos?

Green screen is my favorite video editing feature in Explaindio Video Creator through which you can create “green screen” videos and replace any color with animation, live video, doodle sketch, or picture.

You just need to have green screen footage and the rest of the job is very easy.

While there is no such luxury in Videoscribe at your disposal.


Both Videoscribe and Explaindio Video Creator are designed for the two most used and famous operating systems Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Videoscribe is also available to use for the users of iPhone and iPad.

Final Words

I do hope you like and find this Videoscribe vs Explaindio Video Creator video review, or comparison useful and helping to decide which one meets your requirements.

In the end, I would humbly request you do share in the comment section If you know anything good or bad about Videoscribe and Explaindio Video Creator. The comment section awaits you.


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