Vinci 3D App Review – How To Use Vinci 3D App To Create 3D Intro And Outro And Logo

Fiverr is a best place for those Who sell animated videos, whiteboard animated  explainer videos and other video editing and creating gigs. In addition to aforementioned gigs, 3D intro and outro making gigs are also very popular on Fiverr. As well as successful video marketers are well aware of the importance of 3D intro and outro. A stunning 3D intro or outro can double the impression of a video.

In this review, I am going to introduce an easy to use piece of software to you to create stunning 3D and animated intro, outro and logo. You can use Vinci 3D app to create 3D and animated intros, outros and logos from text, images and videos without being a video editing expert.

System Requirements For Vinci 3D App

In this Vinci 3D app review, I will be sharing with you what I have found good and bad while using Vinci 3D app and a little bit about how to use it?  Let’s start with system requirements for Vinci 3D app.

The Vinci 3D app is designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and This is a very heavy piece of software on system resources. The minimum system requirement is 4 GB RAM in addition to have a processor with decent speed. Although 4GB RAM is required But you can get the most of Vinci 3D, If you have 8GB RAM or more.

When you open Vinci 3D App, You are presented with two user interface options Wizard and Advance. Both user interface options are same. If you choose Wizard mode, You can better see the templates. To access settings pane or customize the template, You can find go to next settings button at down the right hand side. While using Wizard mode, I didn’t find many editing and customization options.



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I personally like to use Advance mode. Advance mode is better than Wizard mode. You find templates and settings in one place If you choose Advance option.

You cannot switch between Wizard and advance mode while program is open, You’ll have to close the program and re-open to choose your preferred mode.

At first, The user interface of Vinci 3Dapp seems to be very difficult to use. It is difficult to use to some extent But not as much as it seems. You just need some time to understand the user interface and some practice. After some practice and understanding user interface, It is so easy to customize your preferred template according to your requirements.

The User Interface Of Vinci 3D App

Now a short introduction to Vinci 3D app interface.

From here you can save and save as projects.

You can open saved projects.

Settings button to make settings to the editor. If your PC has good or high system resources, choose high quality. Otherwise, choose low quality. If you have low system resources and you still choose high quality The program will perform very sluggishly.

If you press this question mark icon, It will take you to the training page.

Use this button to login to your Vinci 3D template club account If you want to use additional templates and other stuff.

You must have noticed that the user interface is missing a basic option. There is no button to create a new project. You’ll have to restart the program to create a new project. As well as There are no undo buttons.

On the right hand side, There are 4 buttons to import images as a logo as well as You can import from online design app Youzign. You can put text as a logo and edit or customize text logo.

You can name this section customization section. You can set the height, width, position and other things.

This section also lets you import audio and videos.

On the left side, You’ll find templates. You are given 50 templates for free. To get more templates, You may buy Vinci 3D template club subscription.

You can use these 3 buttons to render 3D intros and outros, preview the project and save or export any preferred frame as an image logo.

Vinci3D app comes packed with 50 free templates. While making a 3D intro, I found myself very limited to the templates. For example, You cannot create your own templates. you are totally limited to given templates. You’ll have to stick with templates. You can not put text, image or video at your favorite or desired location. More info

But Personally I thing provided templates are enough to fulfil your needs. You are provided 50 templates and As I mentioned earlier, If you are not satisfied with given templates, You may buy Vinci 3D template club subscription to get more templates.

Though It is not a video editor, But To edit and customize, You find all the options like rotate, crop etc, you may expect in a regular video editor. Text, audios and images work great. But Whenever I tried to add a video to the templates. Vinci 3D crashed or hang. As well as you’ll find no drag and drop functionality. You’ll have to play with parameters or buttons to customize. Developers of the Vinci 3D app should address these issues.

Render speed is normal. You can export your projects as MP4 format. You can choose the resolution from 720p to 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

Vinci3D app is available priced at $47 for 1 year license and You will be allowed to use Vinci 3D app on two computers. They offer no free or paid trial. Learn more at here.

Final  Words

Everyone’s requirements are variant. I hope today’s video (on Vinci 3D app review and How to use?) will help you clear your mind on Should I buy it or not? Please do share your experience with me and others below in the comment section, If you’ve used it. What you have found good in it and what It lacks.

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and, share.


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