How Do I Download, Install, Update Windows 11 Device Drivers? With / Without Internet

This article is going to teach you How to download, install and update Windows 11 device drivers?

Is This Guide Only For Windows 11 Users?

Although we have compiled this list of ways to install missing device drivers and update device drivers specifically for Windows 11 users. These solutions also work like a charm for the users of Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7.

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Possible Ways If You Are Connected To The Internet

Windows Updates

Windows 11 updates can download, install and update device drivers. But We do not recommend Windows updates to install and update device drivers.

Use the Windows updates option only when, If you are not good at downloading device drivers from the internet.
As well as Do not use Windows updates If you use an internet connection with a limited data plan.

To let Windows updates download device drivers, You have to be connected to the internet. You have no control over choosing which device drivers to download and which one to skip.

In most cases, the Windows updates option fails to install or update device drivers properly. Device Manager shows that the device driver is installed but the device does not work partially or completely.

Download Device Drivers From The Official Website Of Your PC/Laptop/Device?

It is not easy but the best and safest place on the internet to download device drivers is the official website of your desktop computer or laptop’s brand and model.

If Wi-Fi or Ethernet is working after clean install Windows 11. Device drivers can be downloaded free of cost and free of malware, virus, adware, and other harmful things.

We do not recommend using un-official Windows driver download websites if you are a non-techie user, you could install unnecessary things like adware and even malware.

Use Third-Party Driver Updaters

When official websites, Windows updates, and other options fail to update your drivers, use a third-party driver updater program.

There are a plethora of third-party driver updater programs available on the Internet.

There are two main problems with driver updaters, Either they are paid or you have to bear ads in driver updaters and even the majority of driver updater applications install bloatware without your consent and knowledge.

In addition, these programs are useless unless you have internet access.

Use IObit Driver Booster

We suggest you use the IObit Driver Booster. It comes in free and paid versions.

The paid version can download, install and update all device drivers in one go and offers other useful features.

The free version does not let you download, install and update multiple device drivers at once.

No additional software is silently installed in the free version. You are merely suggested to install a useless additional program. The suggestion can be ignored.

In the free version of IObit Driver Booster, you may see promotional ads to suggest buy the paid version.

After installing all necessary device drivers, you may uninstall IObit Driver Booster.

Download Driver Booster

Download Driver Booster from here

Possible Ways If You’re Not Connected To The Internet

Download Drivers Before Clean Install Windows

It would be very helpful if you could download all the required device drivers or at least the Wi-Fi and Ethernet drivers before you clean install Windows 11.

Download device drivers and store them on a memory card, USB flash, internal or external hard drive, and swiftly install drivers after clean install Windows 11.

The best way is to use the device driver DVD If your device has a DVD Rom. We have tested Windows 10 supported device drivers on Windows 11 and they worked perfectly. We are quite sure Windows 8 supported device drivers will work on Windows 11.

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Use Your Phone To Download Device Drivers

It would be no exaggeration to say that these days nearly everyone has an Android-powered smartphone with internet connectivity.

Usually, Windows installs Wi-Fi drivers on its own. But sometimes the Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter does not work and you cannot access the internet.

In that case, your phone can come in handy. Use your smartphone to download device drivers and transfer them to your PC and then install them.

As well as you can use another computer to download device drivers from the official website of your brand and model.

But there is a very important point, you need to take into account. Make sure the memory card, USB pen drive, external hard drive, or any other storage device, you use to transfer downloaded drivers, is not infected with malware, viruses, etc.

Additional Tip

If USB ports are not working after clean install Windows, Take out the hard drive from your laptop or desktop computer. Install the hard drive into another PC and transfer downloaded device drivers.

Take out the hard drive and reinstall and then install the required device drivers.

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Final Words

We at Soft Suggester feel quite confident that you will find this article both useful and informative.

Please let us know in the comment section if we failed to explain anything correctly. Soft Suggester will assist you to the best of its ability.

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