How To Fix Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format Windows 10 Via CMD?

Fix Windows was unable to complete the format error via command prompt

The advantages aside, USB pen drives and memory cards are also notorious for annoying errors. Among plenty of other errors, When you try to format USB or memory card, You get an error message Windows was unable to complete the format.


In this tutorial, I will be teaching you How to fix Windows was unable to complete the format error using Windows command prompt? You may check out my previous tutorial in which you can find instructions on How to use disk management utility to format a USB, memory card or any other internal and external storage device.


No Solution If There Is A Hardware Problem


Before We get started, please keep in mind a few important things. By following this tutorial, You can not fix your storage device If there is a problem in hardware. As well as, this video might not work in all such as situations. You need to have administrative privileges to make sure everything goes well.


Video Tutorial

Solution Works For Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista


Though I’m doing it on Windows 10, but all the procedure is pretty same for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Press Windows and R keys together to open the run utility.

Open CMD


Now type in CMD and hit enter to open the command prompt.


Be Extra Careful


I would like to inform you that the next steps require your full attention. You have to be cautious otherwise, you may delete or format other disks or partitions with important data by mistake.


Write Diskpart with no space in command prompt and hit Enter.


It will open diskpart utility in a new CMD window.


You now need to write List volume and hit Enter.


Diskpart utility is now displaying all disk volumes.


Here We need to select the volume We want to format. Since I want to format a USB flash drive not a local partition. On my PC, USB flash is the volume 6 which is a removable type device. I would like to suggest you check twice whether you are selecting the correct device or not.


I’ll type, select volume 6 and hit Enter.


My desired volume is now selected. Before format. USB flash needs to be cleaned. Type clean and press Enter.


USB pen drive is cleaned. We now will recreate it. Type create partition primary and hit Enter.


Diskpart utility has created it. We now can format it. To format, Type format fs=ntfs quick and hit Enter. If you want to format it to NTFS then write ntfs. Write fat32 to format to fat32 file system.


Congratulations, The format procedure is complete and the USB flash drive is ready to use.


Please do let me know using the comment section. If you run into any problem, I will try to help you fix the issue.


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