Fix Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format USB/Card/Hard Drive On Windows 11/10/7/8?

This article will help you How To Fix Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format USB pen drives, SD card, hard drives and other storage devices?

This guide on Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format fix is being made on Windows 7. But You can follow given instructions to fix Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows XP as well.

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Potential Reasons Behind Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format

There could be plenty of reasons behind this problem such as virus or malware don’t let Windows format the pendrive or memory card and many other reasons.

You may get infected your computer If you plug in an infected memory card, external hard disk or USB flash drive.

This is why It is recommended not to plug in a USB drive or memory card If you have no antivirus installed and carefully open files and folders.

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You Can’t Fix If There Is a Problem In Hardware

I hope You will manage to fix this error. But before You get started, I would like to inform you that this guide might not work in all such as situations and the most important thing is that It will not help if there is a hardware problem.

I was facing this error because my USB flash drive was not created. You may face this error, even though your USB or memory card is already created.

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Fix This Error Via Disk Management

Although I’m using Windows 7, the process is pretty much the same for Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Open the Start menu and type Manage in the search bar.

The search will bring back with search results. Click on first one named Computer Management.

You will find storage on the left side. Click to expand it.

Click on Disk Management.

You Need To Be Particularly Cautious

As you can see, Disk Management is displaying all connected storage devices. Here you need to pay full attention. You may delete, or format main hard disks by mistake and lose important data.

This is my USB pen drive. As you can see, Its type is Removable. Removable type means This is an external storage device. It could be USB pen drive, memory card, external hard disk etc.

This USB flash is not created. This black line indicates that It is not created. Right click on it.

Click on New Simple Volume.

Click Next.

Leave all things default and click Next.

You may assign your favorite letter If you like. I’m going to keep it default and click Next.

If you want, You can give it a name. Leave other things default and click Next.

Click Finish to create and format.

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Final Words

Windows has successfully created and formatted it. Here you can also format USB or memory card If your storage device is already created.

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