How to Switch From Yahoo Mail to Gmail ? Transfer Mails With Attachments/Contacts Gmail

Today You’re going to learn How to transfer emails, contacts, and other things from Yahoo to Gmail? I would like to request you go through this tutorial till the end and subscribe and like If you find it useful and informative.

Reasons Behind Yahoo To Gmail Migration?

You will agree with the fact that Yahoo mail tops the list of most vulnerable email providers to hackers. Yahoo mail is hacked more often than Gmail, Hotmail, and other email service providers.

In addition to many other reasons, This is the main reason loyal and active Yahoo mail users prefer to migrate to other email service providers.

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Let me show you How you can export emails, contacts, and other stuff from Yahoo mail to Gmail after having migrated?

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How to Switch From Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

Yahoo Mail Settings

First of all sign in to your Yahoo mail account and Gmail where you want to transfer or copy emails to.

Gmail Settings

Now to go to Gmail and on the upper right-hand side, click the Settings cog and select settings from the drop-down menu.

Click on the Accounts and Import tab.

Here you need to look for an option named “Import Mail And Contacts”. Click on it.

Here You are asked to submit your Yahoo email. Submit Yahoo email and click continue.

Click continue.

Shuttlecloud migration will access Yahoo contacts, profile, and Yahoo mail. Click Agree to allow it access.

Authentication is successful and you may close this window.

Next, choose what you want to transfer to Gmail and click start import.

For me, Importation took 20 minutes to complete. But It may take up to 2 days.

Upon completion, You will find a folder with the name of your Yahoo email in your Gmail account. In addition, you will find all imported emails, contacts, and other stuff in this folder.

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Final Words

I do hope today’s tutorial has been informative and useful to you. I tried my best to make this tutorial easy to understand.

But If I could not explain well then please do let me know. I will do my best to help you solve your problem by using the comment section.

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